Hard-Traveling Fanboys Podcast #196: The Longbook Hunters — Arrow Season 2.5

The march toward episode 200 continues, as does Arrow Month! Greg and Nick crack open the digital pages of the first collection of Arrow tie-in comic “Arrow Season 2.5” this month, and the results are surprising. Defying decades of history, this tie-in actually provides some helpful, additive information to the show between two of its pivotal seasons, picking up in the aftermath of Deathstroke’s Siege on Starling City. Written by veteran Arrow scribes Marc Guggenheim and Keto Shimizu, with art from respected pros Joe Bennett and Szymon Kudranski, this story delves into the rise of a new Brother Blood and the Arrowverse debut of Black Adam! Also, the boys reflect on the monumental Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover TV special, their new Arrow series rewatch project and some exciting news in the superhero movie and television worlds. Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comics, which has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys.

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