Greetings From Allentown #22: WWF Championship Wrestling 06-16-1984

It’s back to Allentown for a look at the birth of the Rock and Wrestling Connection on WWF Championship Wrestling from June 16, 1984

– The motivations for everyone involved in Cyndi Lauper’s WWF appearances: Cyndi, Dave Wolff, and the WWF.

– The seven week build to Lauper’s appearance and how Piper acted differently with her than in other Pit segments of 1984

– The wheelings and dealings of the WWF in mid-1984 invading various territories

– Dr. D the bounty hunter and what his 1985 might have looked like had he not been fired

– Jesse the Body wears a very risqué shirt to the ring for his match

– Why it was a terrible idea for Rudy Diamond to taunt a guy like Paul Orndorff with a shirt that said “Paula”

– Tito Santana as IC Champion: why it made sense and also didn’t make sense on different levels


– Taking Howard Finkel to task for his reading of promos for upcoming events

– How is Bob Orton in two places at the same time?

– Feeling conflicted about “the mighty midgets”

– Marking time by looking at the top of Hulk Hogan’s head

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