Freak Out Drive-In #6 – Gremlins

Pull into the Freak Out Drive-In, a live watch horror podcast with host Jennifer Smith. In this snowy sixth episode, Jenny dives deep into Gremlins with Nick Duke.
In a dusty old shop in Chinatown, a shitty inventor and salesman finds a mysterious creature and decides it would make an excellent Christmas gift for his grown ass son. As long as he can follow the simple rules, everything should be fine….right? Jenny and Nick speculate on just how Billy’s father really makes his living, what are the fine points of Mogwai care anyway, and why is Gizmo so damn cute? Impressive animatronics, meta humor, and utter silly chaos makes this film a must see, especially around the holidays. So avoid bright lights, water, and eating after midnight at the Freak Out Drive-In!

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