Digging in the Crates #1


Phil Schneider is joined by Will (Dangerous Alliance, Good Will Wrestling) for a new podcast that spotlights rarely seen matches from around the world. We’ll travel to random Indies, Japan, Mexico and other locales to find the best wrestling from the past and present.

In this first episode, Phil and Will discuss the following matches…

Choshu, Hoshino, Kobayashi, Koshinaka & Sasaki vs. Hamaguchi, Super Strong Machine, Goto, Saito & Kurisu (New Japan 6/26/90)


La Fiera vs. Negro Casas (EMLL 1/10/93)

Aja Kong vs Yumiko Hotta (AJW 1/24/94)

Low-Ki vs. Chris Dickinson (JAPW 3/21/15)

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