DC4U Series Pilot: Batman’s 80th Anniversary and Burton Batman’s 30th w/guest Nick Duke

Welcome to DC4U, the only all-DC Comics podcast on PTBN Pop! Each week hosts Russell Sellers and Todd Weber take you on a journey into the great, fun, hilarious and sometimes weird side of DC Comics. No matter who you are, there’s something at DC for you! Episode 1 is finally here and the guys are kicking off with a big one: Batman’s 80th and Batman ‘89’s 30th anniversaries! And who better to join them than the biggest Batman fan in all of Place To Be Nation, one half of the HTF, Nick Duke!?! They talk all their favorite Batman stories and the impact Tim Burton’s classic film still has today. Get ready for this…ahhh…to be ahhhh… your Numbah 1… ahhhh podcast!

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