DC Post-Crisis Management #7: Darkseid War with Steven Ferrari

Welcome to DC Post-Crisis Management, a limited monthly series exploring the major Crisis events from 1986 to the present day. Russell Sellers is joined by various guests to explore the meanings, ramifications and quality of the stories while trying not to lose his mind.

Faced with a familiar, yet vastly different world, Russell’s quest to fully grasp the DCU reaches its penultimate episode as he travels to…Queens? Yes, his journey has, at long last, brought him to the home of Steven Ferrari of thecasualgeekery.com. It’s the first time anyone has actually invited Russell into their home for this nonsense, so of course he’s gonna go…I mean, err, listen and find out what secrets are revealed in the epic Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok event The Darkseid War and how it all leads to… oh come on, not another reboot! 

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