Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast #4


In episode #4 of the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast, JT and Will tackle the following challenges as they dive into wrestling history:

– Draft Time – JT & Will finish building the three year arc for their wrestling promotions using a set of parameters when drafting a North American based roster from 1987.

– Live Watch Party – The boys settle in for a live watch of Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson & Sid vs. Vader, British Bulldog & Owen Hart from IYH: International Incident 1996. Be sure to fire up your own copy and follow along as they break down the match, characters and storylines!

– State of the Union – JT & Will take on the task of choosing the best wrestler to come from each state in the USA. Best wrestler from Arkansas? Virginia? Alaska? We will sort through it with debate and discussion!

– Mailbag! – The boys read answers questions from fans of the show.

So, kick back and join JT & Will in the Alliance as they travel through the history of wrestling!