Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast #20

Harlem Heat 2000 Spring Stampede 2000

In episode #20 of the Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast, it is WrestleMania week and JT and Will tackle the following challenges as they dive into wrestling history:

– Build-A-Card – The boys build their all time 1990s April PPV Card choosing from WCW and WWF PPV events!

– Rewriting History – Will & JT head back to April 2000 to rewrite the great WCW reboot!

– Live Watch – The boys kick back and rewatch Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H from WrestleMania XXX to see if it lives up to the memories and argue where it lies on the all time list of WWE PPV openers!

– Mailbag! – The boys read answers questions from fans of the show.

So, kick back and join JT & Will in the Alliance as they travel through the history of wrestling!