Clotheslines and Headlines 2.0 #6

On this episode of NoSo Clotheslines & Headlines, Ryan Gray, Mike Rossi, Rocco Martone and a series of special guests run through the latest in the world of wrestling!

This time around, Jenny Smith & Chad Campbell joins the guys. The following topics were discussed:

1. Headlines

– Johnny Gargano is back!

– NXT UK merging with NXT 2.0

– WWE Draft speciation

2. Ryan’s Random Thing of the Week!

– WWE Mock Draft

3. WWE TV Highlights 

– Clash at the Castle 2022 Preview

– NXT 2.0 and NXT UK merger

4. Rocco’s Random Ramblings 

– Excitement in the new WWE Era

5. Rossi’s Indy Corner

– Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana fallout

– GCW Rewind and Preview of Chicago Labor Day Weekend

– Run down of IWTV’s Schedule

6. Chad’s Indy Spot 

– Overall thoughts on the Southern Indy scene

– Five names to look out for

– Five Northeast names to match up against Five Southern Wrestlers