Blockbuster Rewatch – Avengers: Infinity War (#20)

On the twentieth episode of Blockbuster Rewatch, Andy Atherton welcomes Tim Capel to do a live watch of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War continuing his MCU rewatch. Originally broadcasted live on Stream Lounge, the duo discusses how the movie wastes no time in raising the stakes; movie deaths that stick; Hulk’s performance issues; Tony’s nanotech; the Children of Thanos; James Gunn’s touch with the Guardians of the Galaxy; Star Lord vs. Thor; Captain America’s return; Drax’s comedic timing; the future of Thunderbolt Ross; The White Wolf; using hero names; Thanos’ plan (and it’s holes); Spider-Man’s pop culture references; the scenarios Dr. Strange saw that we didn’t win; trailer fake outs; the introduction of Storm Breaker; Star Lord’s huge blunder; Okoye’s great line; the showdowns in Wakanda and on Titan; the emotional toll the ending takes on the viewer and where the MCU will go from this point.

To watch the Stream Lounge Broadcast, click on the link below: