Between the Sheets Special: Brawl For All


Kris & David are joined by Jordan Breen (Sherdog) to discuss the genesis of the Brawl for All concept from WWF in 1998 and how everything went down. We discuss all the fights and how each competitor fared good or bad. We also talked about the aftermath of the BFA and how the WWF really screwed it up plus how Butterbean became the true winner in all of this. This is a really strong show!!!!

0:00:00 Week 1 – Mero-Blackman & Bradshaw-Canterbury
0:29:58 Week 2 – Savio-Brakus & Hawk-Droz
0:45:26 Week 3 – Gunn-Holly & Severn-Godfather
1:09:49 Week 4 – Doc-Pierre & Scorpio-8 Ball
1:20:03 Week 5 – Doc-Gunn
1:27:54 Week 6 – Godfather-Scorpio
1:59:55 Weeks 7 & 8 – Savio-Droz & Gunn-Godfather
2:26:18 Week 9 – Gunn-Bradshaw
2:36:53 Aftermath & WrestleMania XV

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