Between the Sheets #64: October 5-11, 2001 with Chandler Biggins


Kris & David are joined by Chandler Biggins ( – “The Card is Going to Change” podcast) to discuss the week that was October 5-11, 2001. We talk about Hall & Nash coming back to the WWF and how the Invasion is playing out the string as well as changes in the WWF writing staff. New Japan’s Tokyo Dome show on 10/8 and Antonio Inoki dipping his toes in every group in Japan. Sam Greco returning to K-1 along with a newcomer in Bob Sapp, Ray Gonzalez turning on Carly Colon, US Indies galore, and a segment on John Collins which is MUST LISTEN AUDIO. Everyone listen to this show ASAP!!!!

0:00:00 WWF
1:01:18 Japan: NJPW, Noah, DDT, FMW, Osaka Pro, Toryumon, K-1, J’d, & NEO,
2:04:29 The Amazon Game
2:36:47 Americas: Canada, CMLL, IWRG, WWC, & Trinidad
3:02:45 U.S. Indies: PWF, NWA Wildside, IWA Mid-South, & XWF
3:31:55 Potpourri

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