Between the Sheets #52: July 12-19, 2002 with Chris Wilcox


Kris & David are joined by Chris Wilcox to discuss the week that was July 12-19, 2002. We discuss the shocking debut of Eric Bischoff as the new GM of RAW as the brand extension was blown up again. We also talk about HHH giving a big pep talk to the boys, All-Japan’s hot streak as well Kojima vs. Tenryu, ZERO-ONE battling with the FMW tribute promotions, Nicho returns to AAA, IWA vs. WWC and how Ray Gonzalez fits in, great US indies galore, and TNA wackiness as usual!!!

0:00:00 WWE
1:15:17 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, Noah, Onita Pro, Osaka Pro, Toryumon, Arsion, Gaea, & K-1
1:58:19 UFC
2:16:56 Latin America: AAA, CMLL, Monterrey, IWA, & WWC
2:44:55 U.S. Indies: CZW, JAPW, PWF, HCW, IWAMS, OVW, WLW, Epic, IZW, & Potpourri
3:32:08 NWA-TNA

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