Between the Sheets #28: January 26 – February 1, 1991


Kris Zellner & David Bixenspan are guestless this week but we soldier on and discuss the week that was January 26-February 1, 1991. We discuss the WWF exploiting the Persian War Angle and how that affected their television plus the venue change for Wrestlemania VII. We also talk about the birth of the World Bodybuilding Federation, the birth of RINGS, the early plans of the GWF, the legacy of Michael St. John, Clash of the Champions “Dixie Dynamite,” & Dusty Rhodes’ grand return to WCW. A fun show guest or no guest!

0:00:00 WWF
1:21:29 Japan: AJPW, NJPW, & RINGS
1:38:06 Latin America: EMLL, UWA, & WWC
1:49:34 Misc. USA: AWA, GWF, USWA, & UWF
2:17:39 WCW

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