Between the Sheets #23: December 22-28, 1989 with Dylan Hales


Kris & David are joined by Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture/The Trade Marks) making his BTS debut discussing the week that was December 22-28, 1989. We talk about Blackjack Mulligan & Kendall Windham counterfeiting money, NWA Future Stars, Japanese Awards, Larry Nelson wackiness, great stuff from Continental & USWA and one of the worst weeks of Hulk Hogan’s life. A definite listen!!!!!!!!

0:00:00 WCW
1:26:33 International: Weekly Pro Wrestling awards; Germany
1:42:55 Other USA: AWA, PNW, CWF, & Potpourri
2:53:48 USWA
3:22:03 WWF

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