Between the Sheets #22: December 15-21, 1995 with Al Getz


Kris & David are joined by Al Getz (WHOO Wrestling) to discuss the week that was December 15-21, 1995. We venture into an extremely busy week in WWF featuring an In Your House, TV Tapings, new blood in the company, and a tremendous bit on the saga of Laura Brevetti, her secret husband Marty Bergman, Emily Feinberg and more McMahon steroid trial goodness. We also talk out about the 1995 Tokyo Sports Awards, Stu Hart Tribute Show in Calgary, Promotion Wars in Mexico, Steve Austin finding himself, Brian Christopher & Scott Bowden’s awesomeness, Madusa debuting on Nitro and other WCW wackiness. Also we have the Ultimate Ultimate and our thoughts on Dan Severn among others so a MUST LISTEN!!!!!!!!!

Time Stamps:
0:00:00 WWF
1:34:38 Japan: Awards, IWA, RINGS, FMW, NJPW stars in Germany
2:00:43 Canada & Mexico: Stampede, AAA, & EMLL
2:44:40 UFC: The Ultimate Ultimate
3:09:55 Other USA: ECW, Potpourri, & USWA
3:36:28 WCW

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