Between the Sheets #208 (July 10-18, 1984) (Featuring Beau James) (4th Anniversary Show)

Kris & David are joined by Beau James (@kingofkingsport) to celebrate our 4th Anniversary and to discuss the week(-ish) that was July 10-18, 1984; nine days because we had a 1984 show that started on July 19th. We give a full rundown on BLACK SATURDAY from both the GCW and WWF perspectives, including how crazy it was that night. We talk about how Ole Anderson started the whole war, Jim Barnett’s pivotal role in it, who sold stock to Vince, Ole taping TV that day in Macon, and tons more details, with Beau teeing off on a dark spot in his wrestling fandom. We also discuss the WWF signing up some big names, the first WWF TV taping in Ontario, Roddy Piper on TNT, Captain Lou on Letterman, One Man Gang turning babyface in Florida, some wild Wahoo McDaniel stories, Mid-South without the Rock & Rolls, and Buddy Rose making an insane return to Portland. This is an amazing show that must be listened to immediately!!!!!!!

0:00:00 Don Wright —
0:24:19 Georgia Championship Wrestling
1:15:05 WWF
2:41:30 Int’l: AJPW, NJPW, CWA, Atlantic Grand Prix, Montreal, Stampede, & EMLL
3:01:10 Classic Commercial Break
3:05:39 Housekeeping/The Amazon Game
3:34:53 USA East: JCP, CWF, SECW, Memphis, & St. Louis
4:41:55 USA West: Mid-South, WCCW, Southwest, Central States, AWA, & Portland

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