Between the Sheets #20: December 1-7, 1992 with Phil Schneider

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Kris & David are joined by Phil Schneider (Segunda Caida) to discuss the week that was December 1-7, 1992. We discuss hell freezing over as Jerry “The King” Lawler signs with the WWF and how that affected the USWA. We also talk about Carlos Colon & Genichiro Tenryu making their Royal Rumble debuts along with Rick & Scott Steiner coming into the WWF. We then talk about the greatness of 1992 All-Japan and the even more greatness of the New Japan vs. WAR feud. Mexico, US Indies, WCW, and a lot more is also talked about among other musings that will make you think and or disgusted!!!!!!!!!!

0:00:00 WWF
0:48:10 Japan: AJPW, FMW, NJPW, NOW, WAR, & JWP
1:34:52 Mexico: AAA, EMLL, & UWA
1:53:57 Other USA: GWF, Potpourri, SMW, & USWA
2:27:15 WCW

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