Between the Sheets #19: November 24-December 7, 1985 with Brian Last


Kris & David are joined by Brian Last (6:05 Super Podcast) to discuss the WEEKS that were November 24-December 7, 1985. The reason we did two weeks is because we had enough material that way plus to make up my error from the previous show in pimping the next show. We discuss all of the Thanksgiving shows from around the United States, Billy Jack Haynes and his reliability, UWF guys coming home to New Japan, a historic mask match in Mexico, Gordon Solie vs. Nick Gulas & Mario Savoldi, & Big John Harris which spawns a movie recommendation that EVERYONE MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0:00:00 Jim Crockett Promotions
0:45:39 Japan: NJPW & AJPW
1:05:50 International: Stampede Wrestling & Mexico
1:19:04 Western Territories: AWA, Central States, Texas All-Star, & WCCW
2:15:43 Eastern Territories: Continental, Florida, Memphis, & Mid-South
2:58:30 WWF

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BTS #19 Playlist