Between the Sheets #152: June 13-19, 1998 w/ Tom Green

Kris & David are joined by Tom Green (Dynamite Cup) to discuss the week that was June 13-19, 1998. A giant WCW section features Dennis Rodman & Karl Malone getting WCW and Diamond Dallas Page on the Tonight show fresh off the NBA Finals, Great American Bash, Nitro, and a nutty Thunder show featuring quite the promo from Lex Luger. Then we hit all the international news before coming back to the United States where we talk about Memphis Power Pro featuring the return of Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller among other things. Then we close with the WWF talking about all the walking wounded in that locker room and Vince McMahon looking at buying the Minnesota Vikings. This is quite the show, so listen as soon as possible!!!

0:00:00 WCW
2:45:58 (Really) Japan: AJPW, NJPW, BattlARTS, BJPW, FMW, FULL, Michinoku Pro, AJW, & Gaea
3:19:01 Classic Commercial Break
3:23:50 Housekeeping/The Amazon Game
3:59:48 Mexico: AAA, CMLL, Monterrey, & Tijuana
4:12:50 Other USA: NWA, ECW, IPWA, Ted Oates, Stevie Richards, MPPW, MCW, IWAMS, Superstars of Wrestling, Wrestling Superstars, & WPW
4:59:07 WWF

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