Bayless’ WWE RAW Rundown 8/3/15


August 3, 2015

From the SAP Center in San Jose, CA

Your hosts are Byron Saxton, JBL, and Michael Cole

The show starts with a graphic commemorating Roddy Piper. The camera then pans out to show the talent roster on the entrance ramp, where they are shown wearing Piper shirts. After the ten bell salute, we are treated to a tribute video. Excellent tribute video, including a recent shot of Piper with Dusty Rhodes.

Show starts with Cole telling us that we will have a six-man tag match with Randy Orton & Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper & Sheamus.

Seth Rollins heads down to the ring. We are shown a replay of Rollins smashing Cena’s nose with a knee smash from last week. Rollins then tells us that he is the only person who can stop himself then says he is overcome with sympathy right now. Rollins mentions how he smashed Cena’s nose and we see another replay of that as the crowd approves. Rollins tells us he “broke the face of the man who runs the place” then warns the mothers in the crowd to shield the eyes of their childern as we see the black-and-white photos of Cena’ nose from Rollins says who couldnt feel sympathy for a face like that and how the referee is not a “humanitarian” like himself and let the match continue and as a result he got so caught up in sympathy that he lost the match. Rollins then says that will never happen again and challenges Cena to a rematch at SummerSlam, with both belts on the line and “for the first time ever,” someone will hold these titles at the same time. Rollins then gets in a good dig at the crowd by telling them that San Jose is the place to be but not because of them but rather the fact that he was there. He also says that since this was the site of the first “U.S Title Open Challenge” and that he can do anything Cena can, “for the first time ever” he is going to hold the “WWE World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge” as we go to break. This was the best Rollins has came off in several weeks. He was confident and even using the unplanned injury to Cena’s nose as the basis off the promo, it worked fine.

Back from break, Jojo is in the ring with Rollins, saying the Authority has given him the blessing he could do this provided his opponent is under 6’0 and 200lbs then calls out El Torito as that theme plays briefly but instead we get Neville, as Rollins looks worried.

WWE World Title Match: Seth Rollins (Champion) vs. Neville

Both guys go back-and-forth as JBL lists off all sorts of British wrestlers. Rollins beats on Neville in the corner but runs into a boot. Neville snaps of a hurricarana then dives outside with a twisting plancha. Back inside, Neville teases the Red Arrow but Rollins rolls away before he could attempt the move. They spill outside then Neville hits a corkscrew moonsault as we head to break. That looked great. Back from break we see that Rollins took control of the match by kneeing Neville off of the apron. Rollins works a chinlock but Neville floats over a suplex attempt and hits a jawbreaker. Neville comes back with a few kicks but gets taken down with a lariat for a nearfall. Rollins gets met with a kick after coming off of the top then Neville gets two after spiking Rollins with an inverted rana. Neville comes back with a release German suplex and a kick to the face. A bridging German suplex gets two as the crowd is starting to get behind Neville, who heads up top. Neville rolls through a jump after Rollins moved then gets turned inside-out with a clothesline. Neville counters a Pedigree attempt with a bridging rollup that nearly put Rollins away as the crowd seemed to have bought that as the match. Rollins heads up top but Neville meets him and takes him off with a rana then climbs up top for the Red Arrow and hits it and covers but Rollins just gets his foot on the ropes as the crowd went nuts. Neville is in a state of disbelief as the crowd chants “one more time” as he heads up again but this time Rollins rolls away then hits the Pedigree for the win (13:08) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Really good TV match. The fans bought Neville’s chances after he hit the Red Arrow and he came out looking really good in defeat. More importantly, Seth came off looking good here as well and much better since his feud with Brock ended.

Los Matadores & Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension & Big E & Kofi w/ Xavier

The Prime Time Players are on commentary. Kalisto and Los Matadores work over Kofi to start the match. Viktor tags as Diego beats on him while JBL brings up how Titus was in the news for feeding homeless people in a restaurant. We head to break as Diego got dumped outside and return with Viktor working a chinlock. Diego fights back and hot tag to Sin Cara as he runs wild on Kofi. The match breaks down with Los Matadores hitting the Ascension with stereo topes then Kalisto slingshots to the floor where he hits Big E with a swanton. El Torito tries to prevent Xavier from interfering but Kalisto kicks Xavier from the top rope, only for Kofi to nail him with the Trouble in Paradise for the win (8:22) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not much of a match. Sadly, the PTP’s were not too memorable on commentary as Titus was fairly tame. This exposed just how weak the Tag Team division is and the fact there is no clear-cut #1 challenger heading into SummerSlam. Hopefully we get better than another meaningless multi-team match.

Paige, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte are shown walking backstage.

Charlotte & Becky Lynch w/ Paige vs. Nikki & Brie Bella w/ Alicia Fox

Before the match, Paige, Charlotte, and Becky introduced themselves as the “Submission Sorority” in an insert promo. Brie takes control early but Becky takes her down and hits three leg drops before tagging Charlotte. We see Team BAD watching backstage on the monitor as Nikki has Charlotte in a front facelock. Charlotte escapes and tries for the figure eight but Nikki blocks that then yanks Charlotte off of the middle rope as Brie provided a distraction. A poor distraction at that. Nikki works a chinlock as Cole plugs Paige’s appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast tonight. Charlotte fights back and tags Becky, who runs wild on Brie. Becky works an armbreaker as Brie is able to reach the ropes. Becky slides outside and hits Nikki but gets taken down by Brie as Team Bella celebrates as we head to break. We return with Nikki putting Becky in a chinlock. Brie tags and roughs up Becky before stretching her out. Becky escapes and fights back then makes the tag as Charlotte chops Nikki a few times. She hits a spear as Brie breaks up the pin. The match breaks down as Becky tosses Brie with a cradle suplex as Nikki and Charlotte mix it up briefly until Charlotte gets the win with the figure eight (13:11) **1/4.

Thoughts: Okay match. They seem to be given Charlotte the push here and I think she has been the least impressive of the three NXT callups. She does get a decent reaction from the crowd though.

Backstage, Jojo is with Team BAD as Naomi claims they are badder than Ronda Rousey while laughing at the Submission Sorority name. Naomi was really good on the mic here. Too bad she is really dangerous in the ring though.

Miz TV is up with guests Kevin Owens and Cesaro but before that, Miz pays tribute to Roddy Piper. Miz says that he is on fire because of his film and TV roles then puts down Ryback and how he should vacate the IC Title, like Daniel Bryan, as he is the #1 contender and would get the belt. Owens comes out first as Cole brings up how Owens has been accusing Cesaro of “stealing his spotlight.” Owens tells Miz he is a fan and owns all of his movies on DVD and Blu-Ray before Miz asks him why he dislikes Cesaro. Owens says he has accomplished a lot over the past few months until Cesaro, wearing a suit, interrupts. Cesaro tells us he wants to hear what “Walk, Owens, Walk”as to say while Owens tells Cesaro that he has succeeded where he has failed, not just for beating Cena but everything else that happened before he made it to the WWE and that makes him jealous. Cesaro tells Owens he is not jealous of him, but rather ashamed as he disrespects everyone by walking out of matches. Owens gets up, and his shorts got caught on the chair as Cesaro tells him to be careful, to tell Cesaro he has accomplished more here in three months than he has in three years. Cesaro tells him he is good at fighting and if he wants to go, lets go, as Miz yells about this as Owens tells Miz to let the two guys that can fight handle this. Owens says there is a time and place but this is not it and walks away. Cesaro uses the “Walk, Owens, Walk” saying to Owens, who pushes Miz into Cesaro and knocks him down. Cesaro blocks an Irish whip and almost puts Owens in the giant swing but Owens was able to reach the ropes and slide out. Owens smiled as he walked up the ramp while Cesaro was pissed and looking for a fight and tossed one of the chairs down the aisle. I like the fact these two are feuding and the segment was fine but this feud is going to get over in the ring instead of on the mic as Cesaro is still unable to connect with the crowd on the stick. I do like the suit look for Cesaro. Comes off like a star.

Rusev w/ Summer Rae vs. Mark Henry

Rusev beats on Henry to start. He takes him down with a dropkick that gets two before he stomps away. Summer claps in approval as Rusev has Henry in a front facelock while a “We Want Lana” Chant breaks out. Henry powers out and hits a slam but runs into an elbow then eats a super kick. Rusev screams before hitting another kick and that gets the win (2:05) DUD.

Thoughts: I like Henry but he has no business being in the ring at this point. He lookes like JYD circa 1987 in there now. Just a quick squash to put Rusev over.

Bray Wyatt is holding a flower as he tells us if you remove all of the flowers you are left with a troublesome weed then said Roman Reigns is “their” symbol of beauty and strength. Luke Harper tells Dean Ambrose he had been warned. Sheamus enters, clutching his MiTB briefcase, and promises to Brogue Kick Orton. This felt disjointed but at least Wyatt’s jibberish was minimal.

Zack Ryder vs. King Barrett

Before the match, Barrett vowed to get rid of all “pretenders” to his throne. Ryder gets in some offense until he runs into a knee. Barrett stomps away then applies a chinlock. Ryder comes back with a mat slam and a missile dropkick. He connects with the Broski Boot and sets up for the Rough Ryder but misses then Barrett hits the Bullhammer for the win (1:55) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Talk about your bathroom break match. The King gimmick has all but killed Barrett dead and no one seemed to care about his post-match promo either. Seems like we will get a new lower-midcard feud with Barrett.

Paul Heyman is in the ring. We first get a video package of the Undertaker costing Lesnar the WWE World Title at Battleground before Heyman tells us that we saw an angry and desperate Undertaker who resorted to becoming a “submissive, little bitch” in response to not being able to beat Brock as we get a replay of their awesome brawl two weeks ago on RAW. Heyman then introduces us to Lesnar, who gets a good response from the crowd. Lesnar tosses a set of stairs into the ring then smirks over a mild “Suplex City” chant. Lesnar stands on the stairs as Heyman tells us that the Undertaker called and begged Vince McMahon to ask for a rematch at this year’s WrestleMania but was turned down because Vince “knows” what will happen Lesnar fights the Undertaker. Heyman then said Undertaker took matters in his own hands by interfering and how its the rematch “too big” for WrestleMania as Heyman guarantees the Undertaker he will go to Suplex City and says that he will rest in piece as Brock bounces around on the steel steps. Heyman sold the match well but this was no different than any other Lesnar promo he has cut post-WrestleMania XXX.

Paige w/ Charlotte & Becky Lynch vs. Naomi w/ Tamina & Sasha Banks

Both girls fight over a lockup to start. Paige gets a rollup then another nearfall with a kick to the face. Naomi then messes with Paige and jiggles her ass before hitting a mule kick but celebrates too long, allowing Paige to hit a high knee. Sasha then distracts Paige to allow Naomi to take her down. Naomi slams Paige’s head into the corner then applies a chinlock as the crowd is not getting into this match. Naomi lands a few cocky pinfalls then puts Paige in a surfboard but Paige fights back and catches Naomi with a fallaway slam. Paige gets up and hits a few clotheslines. Naomi scurries over the the ropes and fights back but gets shoved into the corner. Naomi uses a kick to fight back but misses a flying body press as Paige applies the PTO after a second try and gets the win by submission (7:27) *.

Thoughts: I found this match boring. They didnt have chemistry together and were unable to get the crowd into the match at all. Naomi is just not a good worker, even by WWE diva standards. I do think she is great on the mic.

Clips of the Neville vs. Rollins match from earlier tonight.

We see Stardust in a “Facebook Exclusive” interview from earlier tonight where Eden Stiles (his real-life wife) asks him about Neville. Stardust then asks Neville if he wont be his hero, then who will as he pretends to shoot an arrow, to mock “Arrow” actor Stephen Amell. Speaking of Amell, he announced via Twitter that he will appear on RAW in Seattle next week.

The Piper tribute video shown at the beginning of the show is aired again. Still a great video.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, borrowing Piper’s famous line from “They Live” cut a promo on Harper and Wyatt while Randy Orton comes in and asks them to leave him Sheamus. They walk off after that. Ambrose and Reigns have solid chemistry together.

Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns & Randy Orton vs. Sheamus & Luke Harper & Bray Wyatt

Ambrose starts by laying into Harper in the corner. He then knocks Wyatt and Sheamus off of the apron before sending Haper to the floor where he takes them all out again with a flying elbow drop. Back from break, Reigns and Harper battle over a lockup. Reigns boots him and fires away. Reigns blocks a suplex and hits one of his own before tagging Ambrose. Harper hits Ambrose with a dropkick then tags Wyatt, who lays into Dean with mounted punches. They fight on the top rope as Ambrose wins that but Harper distracts him, allowing Wyatt to knock him to the floor as we head to another commercial. Wyatt has Ambrose in a chinlock when we return then kills him with a clothesline. Ambrose fights back and catches Harper with a slam and dodges an attack but fails to make the tag as Harper booted Reigns off of the apron. Ambrose then hits Harper with a neckbreaker and tags Orton, who runs wild. He catches Wyatt with the draping DDT and the match breaks down where Reigns runs and leaps off of the steps to hit Harper with the Superman Punch in an impressive spot. Back inside, Reigns tags in and goes nuts but nearly loses when Sheamus catches him with a rollup. Harper boots Reigns but Ambrose takes him down and things break down wit all sorts of big moves until Reigns puts Sheamus away with the spear (16:40) ***

Thoughts: Fun match, with the last few minutes being really damn good. The two commercial breaks disputed the flow a bit but that was fixed after the second break, where things got really good.

Final Thoughts: As a show, it was decent. However, they haven’t really shaped up the SummerSlam card and the show is less than three weeks away. The Diva’s and Tag Team Title matches are all unclear and they are going to need some more matches to fill out the card. Not to say they dont have any direction, there are a few matches they can go with, but you want to announce them in order for them to get built up before the show. I thought they did a really good job of presenting Rollins after he hurt Cena last week and he carried himself like a heel champ throughout the whole opening promo. That was key. A bad sign was that the crowd was not into the Diva’s that much this week. I dont blame them after the Paige/Naomi match but even the tag match did not get much reaction. In closing, decent show but not much excitement so far heading into SummerSlam.