Bayless’ Raw Rundown 12/7/15


December 7, 2015
From the North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, SC
Your hosts are Byron Saxton, JBL, and Michael Cole

We are shown a video package from last week where the League of Nations were created.

The show opens with the League of Nations standing in the ring. They also have theme music. Sheamus talks about being the champ then points to his “Sheamus 5:15” shirt to poke fun at Roman Reigns for his short title reign. Sheamus then informs us the WWE has entered into the “International Era” as he introduces his stablemates. A “USA” chant breaks out as Sheamus calms the crowd done before saying he tried to find an American but no one was good enough to “lace their boots.” A “you look stupid” chant now breaks out as Sheamus tells us the only people who look stupid are Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and the Usos. After saying how no one can match up against them and that they are the best, the Wyatt Family interrupts. They confront the League of Nations in the ring as the crowd partakes in the “Yes” chant. Bray tells them he doesnt care about their Nations and they are living in his world, which he allows them to breathe. Wyatt then says he is not out here to talk but rather for the chaos. The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer then interrupt as they stand on the ramp. Bubba and Bray scream at each other briefly and that ends with Bray telling him he is undermanned and to get out of his way. D-Von says that when you are extreme, you do not die but rather multiply and with that Rhyno comes out. As the former ECW guys head down the ramp, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and the Usos head down towards the ring from the crowd as we head to break. Not the most creative way to set up a match.

Elimination Match: League of Nations vs. Wyatt Family vs. Dudley Boyz & Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno vs. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & The Usos

The rules are that one person from each team is in the ring at a time. However, when someone is pinned, their entire team is eliminated. The action is back-and-forth to start and there is too much going on, making it difficult to pay attention. Strowman tags and takes everyone out until Rhyno & Dreamer clothesline him to the floor. The Usos attempt to superplex Rusev but Strowman comes back in and takes them all off. After some more back-and-forth action, Dreamer hits Rowan with his DDT for the pin as the Wyatt’s are eliminated just before the break. The action returns with the League of Nations beating on Dreamer. Del Rio gets a nearfall on Jey with an enziguiri then tags Sheamus, who gets hit with a neckbreaker from Dreamer. Bubba tags and runs wild on Sheamus and shortly after that everyone runs in and brawls while the crowd goes nuts. Rhyno and Reigns are left standing and stare each other down but get taken out by Sheamus and Del Rio. The Dudleys hit Sheamus with the 3D then attempt the Wassup Drop but Del Rio shoves D-Von off of the top rope and that allows Sheamus to hit Bubba with the Brogue Kick for the pin as Team Extreme are eliminated. Ambrose chops Rusev repeatedly then takes him down with a crossbody and hammers away. He hits a bulldog and goes up top for the flying elbow smash as that gets a nearfall as we head to break. We return with Reigns preventing Sheamus from attacking Jey but the League of Nations stay in control of the match and cut off the ring. Barrett misses a corner kick as the crowd rallies behind Jey, who makes the tag to Reigns. The Big Dog runs wild on the League of Nations. He takes Barrett and Del Rio down with the Superman Punch. Ambrose runs in and clotheslines Sheamus to the floor, allowing Reigns to hit the Drive-By, triggering a trainwreck spot to the floor. Sheamus then grabs a hold of Reigns, who was trying to get back in the ring, allowing Del Rio to get a super kick. Del Rio uses the cross armbreaker that one of the Usos breaks up with a splash. Sheamus then mocks Reigns’ Superman Punch routine and attempts the move but gets speared and Reigns covers for the win (21:33) **1/2.

Thoughts: The match turned out fine but the beginning was really unfocused and wrestled at a snail’s pace. I assume with the win here that Reigns is losing on Sunday. The League of Nations just feels like four guys thrown together instead of an actual faction.

Backstage, Ric Flair and Charlotte are backstage while Cole informs us they will be guest tonight on Miz TV.

We are shown a replay of Reigns pinning Sheamus with the spear. After that, Renee Young walks into Sheamus backstage and asks if this will be the same result this Sunday at TLC. Sheamus says that Reigns got lucky and that he will smash his face and teeth while ripping his hair the next five minutes and fifteen seconds. Sheamus then promises to teach Reigns a lesson later on tonight.

Stardust, sporting a pair of 3D glasses, is backstage rambling on nonsensically about his opponent for tonight, Jack Swagger. He then stops and sniffs around as Titus O’Neill enters, wearing a suit and cologne. Titus tells Stardust to stop with his nonsense and “get him some,” even suggesting a new book to read. Stardust lets him know that he will not rest. I have no idea where this is leading and I’m guessing that the Prime Time Players are on the shelf for now.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae were at ringside for the match in their own VIP section. The match starts with Ziggler trying to ground Owens. We see Ambrose watching the match backstage, holding popcorn and a soda, then Owens is shown ducking outside on the apron. He enters and works a side headlock as the camera shows a few ladders near the stage. Owens chops Ziggler down in the corner then hammers away. Ziggler blocks an attack then comes back with a dropkick. He attempts a super kick but Owens rolls outside. Ziggler dropkicks Owens off of the apron then goes out and hammers away. Owens stumbles away but boots Ziggler before tossing him into the barricade with a fallaway slam. Owens rolls him inside an covers for a pair of nearfalls. Owens taunts Ziggler and gets hit a few times but comes back with an elbow smash for two. Owens now mocks the fans for getting behind Ziggler but misses a senton. Owens is able to get up first but Ziggler fights back. Owens dodges a corner splash then rams Ziggler into the post as Ziggler falls down to the floor. Ziggler barely beats the ten count then gets hit with a senton for a nearfall. Ziggler rolls back outside as Owens yells at the ref just before the break. The match returns with Owens working a chinlock. He hits a clothesline for two but Ziggler fights back. Owens misses a charge in the corner as Ziggler takes control. He hits a clothesline and a neckbreaker but gets dumped outside by Owens. Ziggler is out as Owens yells at the announcers but that allows Ziggler to hit a DDT. Ziggler rolls Owens inside and gets two as both men are down. Ziggler attempts the Fameasser but Owens moves out of the way and hits a release German suplex. Owens misses a cannonball in the corner as Ziggler finally connects with the Fameasser as that gets two. Owens catches a super kick and connects with one of his own. However, Ziggler rebounds off of the ropes to hit a super kick and falls on top of Owens for a two count. After that, they go back-and-forth for  bit until Owens gets the win with a Pop-Up Powerbomb (19:11) ***. After the match, Ambrose comes out with his popcorn and soda while Owens demands his music be played. After a brief staredown,  Ambrose tosses his popcorn and soda in Owens face before leaving as Owens is pissed off.

Thoughts: Good match but went a bit longer than necessary. The pace was slower than usual and it told a story, which was Ziggler as the resilient babyface. I will add that Ziggler’s selling hurt the match a bit as there is more to it than taking big bumps and flailing around. Owens did a great job as the heel. As for Breeze and Summer, I have no idea why they were out there. They didnt interfere or contribute to the match in any way.

The Wyatt Family is backstage. Bray talks about deciding fate of people as he heads over to Strowman, who tells us he is Tommy Dreamer’s nightmare and ends the segment by saying “run.”

Team BAD head out to the ring for their match against Brie Bella & Alicia Fox as we head to break.

We get a “Superstars Exposed” graphic of Lana, putting over her roles in the “Pitch Perfect” films and as a backup dancer.

Backstage, Miz walks up to Neville in the locker room. Miz tells Neville that he was serious about his offer from Smackdown, saying he can do for him what he did with Daniel Bryan. Miz then brings Donny Deutsch from the USA show “Donny.” Deutsch puts over his show then the Miz gets defensive and states Miz TV is the top show on the USA Network, as he makes fun of his guest stars that peaked in the 80s. Deutsch then acts like he is about to give Miz his business card but gives it to Neville. Miz then gives Neville his card before leaving.

Sasha Banks & Naomi w/ Tamina vs. Brie Bella & Alicia Fox

Team BAD is shown in an insert promo talking about unity, a word they repeat in a very high-pitched voice. Sasha starts the match by taunting Fox then ducks underneath the ropes when chased. Fox catches Sasha in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Naomi tags and they have an Irish whip sequence that ends with Fox hitting another backbreaker. Brie & Fox take out their opponents with baseball slides but Fox gets outnumbered shortly after that as Team BAD takes control. Sasha is back in and mocks Brie before beating on Fox. Team BAD continues to cut off the ring until Fox ducks an attack as Team BAD collides. Brie finally tags in and runs wild on Naomi. The match breaks down and Sasha distracts Brie long enough for Naomi to hit the rear view for the win (5:27) *1/2. After the match, the New Day comes out as Cole points out their competitions showcased on social media. They give Team BAD unicorn horns as they put them on and all dance together as they have apparently united forces.

Thoughts: The match wasnt that bad at all, actually. Looks like they are just waiting until Nikki comes back from injury for Team Bella to get revenge. And, the New Day appearance just seemed like a way to shoehorn the New Day into another segment.

Back from break, the New Day are still in the ring. The Usos are also on commentary. The New Day also tells us they donated to the League of Nations and Big E suggests Kim Kardashian & Kanye West name their new child “Booty West.” The New Day switches attention to their triple threat ladder match at the PPV and how they have no uses for ladders as they reenact some scene as they pretend to be a tree, cat, and firefighter. It was pretty bad and the crowd was silent. They talk some more until the Lucha Dragons come out for the match. The New Day are getting overexposed now, with multiple segments each week.

New Day vs. Lucha Dragons

Xavier Woods is at ringside. Sin Cara and Kofi mix it up to start. Big E catches Sin Cara on a dive attempt on the outside and hits an overhead suplex as Xavier gets down on the ground and plays the trombone as we head to break. Back from break, Kalisto tags in and goes wild on Kofi briefly before getting dumped outside. Big E picks up Kalisto and rams him into the barricade as the Usos are on commentary, annoyed by Xavier and his trombone. Back to the match as the New Day isolate Kalisto until he escapes and makes the tag as Sin Cara runs wild. Sin Cara covers the illegal man as Xavier taunts the Usos with his trombone then gets attacked. This distracts Kofi and that allows Sin Cara to roll him up for the win (7:12) *1/4.

Thoughts: Not much happened here and just a segment to hype the TLC Tag Title ladder match.

Reigns with backstage with Renee Young. He smiles and jokes that Sheamus must think he is a professor to think he can teach him a lesson. Reigns then runs down Sheamus’ looks and how he “laughs nonstop like a jackass” but that he will teach Sheamus what it fees like to have your skin blistered with chairshots, how to crash through a mountain of tables, and to be a former champion. He closes by saying if Sheamus wants to teach him a lesson, we will see who goes to school tonight. An overly written promo that did not come off good.

Miz TV with guests Ric Flair and Charlotte. The segment starts with Charlotte running down Miz for not giving her father, the 16-Time World Champion and only two-time Hall of Famer, the proper introduction. Miz talks about just a few months ago, Charlotte was crying tears of joy with her friends but is now acting arrogant. Flair is proud of her daughter and will be in her corner this Sunday. Miz wants to know the motives behind Charlotte’s new attitude, who acts defensive and said she will do what it takes to be the best, like her dad. Charlotte tries to rag on Miz, who calls her out for avoiding his question and wants to know about what she has to say to Paige in return after what she called her out on but Charlotte said she will say what she wants to say at TLC. Miz tries to get Charlotte to respond to Paige’s comments but Flair tells him to not grill his daughter. Miz reads off the quotes from Paige as Charlotte cuts him off and says the only person lower on the food chain than him is that “gothic piece of trash.” Miz then smiles and surprises Charlotte with Paige, who lets Charlotte know she is here and all hers. Flair tells Charlotte it’s all just too upset here and he leaves with his daughter. Paige then slaps Flair as Charlotte runs in for the attack at the command of her father. Paige flees and taunts Charlotte. I have no idea what they are doing with this feud as Charlotte seems like a bigger heel than Paige, the one insulting the Flair family. This was awful.

Ryback vs. Rusev w/ Lana

We get an insert promo from Rusev and Lana, who tells us if you have love in your heart then you have forgiveness as she forgives Ryback for what happened last week. Rusev stalls outside of the ring to start the match. He enters and gets shoved down after a lockup. Rusev then heads outside where Ryback hits him with a corkscrew pescado. Back inside, Ryback beats on Rusev in the corner. Ryback charges and gets backdropped to the floor as we head to break. The match returns with Ryback fighting back and trying a press slam but is in too much pain to perform the move. Rusev beats on Ryback, focusing on the arm, but gets hit with a belly-to-belly as both men are down. Ryback is up first and takes control. He rams Rusev in the corner and hits a missile dropkick for two. Rusev rolls outside as Ryback chases him and seems to run into Lana, who sells her ankle and yells at Ryback to leave her alone. Rusev then attacks Ryback and shoves him into the post before putting on the Accolade as the ref rings the bell (10:12) *1/2.

Thoughts: Dull match as they are running with a Ryback/Rusev feud now. We might seen a match between them at TLC.

Jack Swagger vs. Stardust

This match was joined-in-progress. Titus O’Neill is on commentary. Swagger is in control until Del Rio and Zeb Colter come out and distract Swagger as that allows Stardust to attack Swagger. Titus is on commentary talking about wanting to bring Stardust back to who he was, a former champion and son of a Hall of Famer. Swagger catches Stardust then puts on the Patriot lock for the win (2:38) 1/2*. Immediately after the match, Del Rio attacked Swagger with a chair. Titus yells at Del Rio to watch out for Stardust, who also gets whacked by the chair. Swagger fights back and chases Del Rip away, who trips over Colter’s scooter. Swagger asks Colter why he turned his back on him as Colter looks around before taking off in the scooter.

Thoughts: We now know why Titus is trying to interrupt Stardust as he wants him to ditch the goofy gimmick. Although, it didnt make sense for him to alert Del Rio, the heel who was beating people with a chair, that Stardust was coming at him from behind. Del Rio tripping over the scooter made him look like a goof and the Swagger/Colter stuff did not get over with the crowd.

The Rosebush with Adam Rose. This week, Rose tells us Miz is using his clout to get Neville a role as “Dumbo” and how Tommy Dreamer was in the process of transforming into an Oompa Loompa. Even worse than last week as this gimmick is going nowhere.

Backstage, Del Rio yells at Colter and his scooter for being the reason he gets laughed at and wants nothing to do with him anymore. Colter reminds Del Rio that he was the reason he is the U.S. Champion but Del Rio tells Colter he will beat him with the chair like he will with Swagger at TLC. And just like that, MexAmerica seems over. Well, it wasn’t working and made little sense to begin with. However, I have no idea where they are going with the Del Rio/Swagger chairs match.

Tommy Dreamer w/ Dudley Boyz & Rhyno vs. Braun Strowman w/ Wyatt Family

Strowman overpowers Dreamer to start. Dreamer mounts a comeback and stuns Strowman but gets caught in a bearhug after trying a DDT as Strowman gets the win by submission (2:45) DUD.

Thoughts: This felt like it lasted forever. Also, there was no brawling between the factions as the Wyatt Family casually left as the Dudleys and Rhyno checked on Dreamer.

Reigns is in the ring, which is surrounded by Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. He jokes that he is out here for his lesson as he calls Sheamus out. Reigns then stands up on a ladder and goes through his history in the WWE before saying he will beat him with every single “toy” that is in front of him. Sheamus comes out and laughs at Reigns for thinking he can beat him at TLC. He said people are into sequels and he will beat him again, just like he did at Survivor Series. Reigns mocks Sheamus for not wanting t come to the ring then mentions that instead of potatoes, Sheamus is just smuggling “tater tots,” something the fans chant. Sheamus then says he will not be trapped by his “fort” as Reigns keeps on calling him tater tot. Reigns then asks the crowd if they want to see him powerbomb Sheamus through a table as he slides a table outside trying to get Sheamus to come inside. Sheamus asks him to get rid of the ladder as Reigns tosses it at him. Sheamus ducks the ladder as Reigns makes fun of him then Sheamus runs into the ring and they started to brawl. They go all over the place and its back-and-forth until Sheamus sidesteps a spear as Reigns crashes into the barricade. Sheamus then poses in front of three tables propped up against the ring apron until Reigns got up from behind the announcers table and speared Reigns through the middle table to close the show. That spot was telegraphed a mile away from the camera angle. And for the segment, it felt like it lasted an eternity and the dialogue was horrid. I did think the brawl looked solid and was more or less a preview of the TLC match but overall, it didnt work with the live crowd.

Final Thoughts: It might have been better than last week but overall, it was a poor show. The final hour really stunk and the matches for TLC do not seem to have any momentum heading into Sunday. Its baffling how they are constructing some of these feuds. I know the company has injuries but that has nothing to do with how to craft and create a storyline. Once again, the characters and storylines are not compelling and there are no stars to compensate for that. This company needs to put out a better product and hopefully, the light bulb turns on heading into the Rumble and to the road of WrestleMania.