Archie Sonic Comics Writer to Explain Scrapped Plotlines Summer 2014

Ian Flynn, current writing lead of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe comic franchises, announced on his forum that he intends to fill in the gaps left behind by the September 2013 reboot of the comic storylines. Lost Hedgehog Tales, a compendium of all of Flynn’s notes, proposals, and ideas that never made it to print, will be produced by Flynn himself in his spare time and is expected to be ready for distribution by next summer.

It’s not clear yet if it’s going to be a digital or hard copy distribution — or even what Archie may think of the project. When asked what his employers feel about the idea, Flynn noted that he had no idea because he had not yet asked them.

“Since this material isn’t being used by them, and a fair bit of it was never shown to them, they’re not really involved. This is just me doing something for the fans. An informal, unlicensed, non-profit, unofficial thing for fun.”

He also noted that the first page of this piece will include a lengthy disclaimer so as to dissuade certain individuals from getting their copyrighted knickers in a twist.

Flynn currently has an open call for any and all questions pertaining to the former comic continuity, noting that not everything he’d planned is written down and his own memory may fail him if he’s not specifically directed to certain details. To submit questions, join the BumbleKing Forums and leave a message in this thread.