Answering The Ten Count Episode 96 – Bite Me Once, Shame on You, Bite Me Twice….Move

Greg’s luck doesn’t get any better as 2014 goes on as the dingos have come back for revenge. While Tommy and Callum are worried about their friend Down Under, the show must go on. They went out and found a substitute, and it’s only bloody JIM ‘TINY DANCER’ SMALLMAN! Jim is a comedian and one third of PROGRESS Wrestling management, and a good time was had by all.

On the show this week:

-Tommy is mourning the loss of Kaitlyn, Jim is excited over the return of Jake the Snake, and Callum has a nerdboner for the Network.

-TNA managed to go all 2000 WCW on us with the unification match, as AJ Styles leaves TNA for good(?).

-And it’s the return of our prediction show! We look at who will be the champions at the end of 2014, and who is going to have a big year. Callum also says some stupid shit about Sin Cara.