Where the Big Boys Play #62: WCW/New Japan 1991 Supershow


Chad and Parv take a trip to the Egg Dome in Tokyo for the WCW / New Japan Supershow 1991: Rumble in the Rising Sun!

[3:25] Wrestling Observer and PW Torch roundup: Butch Reed off to the rodeo circuit?, health update on Tommy Young, yet another sensational firing for Buddy Landel, and the find out what’s the most talked about backstage story in the wrestling business!

[43:30] Review of WCW / New Japan Supershow: Arn buys a robe, Jim Ross provides a guide to wrestling in Japan, Tony Schiavone makes fun of the concession stand, and El Gigante does a suplex!

[1:41:10] End of show awards and question for the listeners: what are some better interpromtional shows than this one?

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