Weekend Playlist: 7/12 – 7/14

It’s the weekend! Here is your PTB sanctioned playlist to help you enjoy it! 

Modern Pop Song of the week:

Old School Hip Hop Song of the Week:

90’s Pop Song of the Week:

90’s Alternative Song of the Week:

80’s Song of the Week:

Metal Song of the Week:


Classic Rock Song of the Week:

Oldies Song of the Week:

Wrestling Theme of the Week:

TV Theme of the Week:

Videos and Lyrics may be NSFW

Author: JT Rozzero

JT Rozzero is a cohost of the Place to Be podcast and original member of the legendary Moliseum Video. He enjoys all sports. The only thing he hates more than traffic and customer service is people. He is a proud Svenjolly and has had a sinus infection since October 2013. Send Justin an email