Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 06/29/2016


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  • This Week in Tie-in Art: great Batman: TAS posters, care of Phantom City Creative.
  • So last week I was with The Hard-Traveling Fanboys to run down my favorite comic-book adaptation scores, and this week they go ahead and announce a complete reissue of The Rocketeer. How about that?
  • This Week in Star Trek: the original filming model of the Enterprise is back on display at the Smithsonian following its new loving restoration. And that video doesn’t even show the good side.
  • I am not a scientist (that’s for damn sure, you may be saying to yourself; settle down), but evolutionary psychology has long seemed dubious, so it’s nice to see someone who does know a lot more about it deflate it a little. I mean, the idea that psychology is influenced by genetics doesn’t strike me as controversial in the least, and the idea that genetic drift changes psychological factors over time doesn’t seem outlandish, but a lot of what I see about evopsych sounds like pop-psychology in the way that Malcolm Gladwell writes pop-sociology — generalized catchphrases that can explain opposite behaviors equally well.
  • It’s not really easy to summarize this reflection on faith and The X-Files so, go.
  • Options are on the way for artificial kidneys.
  • Also in medical technology: substitute walkers for exoskeletons to really trick out your grandma.
  • Whether or not you think AI will be friendly, if we do create something that’s genuinely alive, it’ll have to have rights.
  • Some people see dozens of Mask: The Animated Series VHS tapes and think: useless, useless. Some people see dozens of Mask: The Animated Series VHS tapes and think: this is an opportunity!
  • This Week in Predictive Text: it’s time to review the American Museum of Natural History, oh yes it is.
  • You can’t show a convention hall full of people some data and tell them not to tweet it, even if it’s confidential data about diabetes treatments. Obviously they will tweet it.
  • You’ve probably always seen sabertoothed cats’ teeth depicted pointing way out of their mouths, but those teeth don’t seem to have the chemical structure that tusks do to withstand constant exposure, so it’s possible that they were actually protected by the cutest big ol’ droopy cheeks.
  • This Week in Snakes: in Australia, of course, a snake got lost in its own old skin while shedding, creating a real-life ouroboros. Life is a rich tapestry.