This Week in WWE 4/18-4/24

This Week in WWE  4/18-4/24


  • Viking Raiders def Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin – **¼ 
  • Riddle def Randy Orton – *** 
  • Lana & Naomi def Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler – *¼ 
  • Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker def Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods – **
  • Drew McIntyre def T-Bar & Mace – DQ –  **¼
  • T-Bar & Mace def Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre – DQ – **
  • Damian Priest def The Miz w/ Maryse – **¼
  • Asuka def Charlotte Flair – **¾ 

Raw Results

Drew McIntyre comes out to start the night with a promo about how he won the #1 contender triple threat match last week and then he moves on to the attack by T-Bar and Mace after the match as he accuses MVP of being responsible for the attack. MVP comes out and denies that he had any involvement in what happened last week. After some back and forth on the mic between McIntyre and MVP we see Mace and T-Bar attack McIntyre, they hit McIntyre with the double sit-out chokeslam and walk to the back. Later in the night, McIntyre beats Mace & T-Bar by DQ when they wouldn’t listen to the referee, they would continue to attack McIntyre until Braun Strowman came down to make the save which would immediately set up a tag match. The tag match also ends in a DQ when McIntyre won’t stop attacking Mace in the corner, but the bigger story is that after the match both Mace and T-Bar were finally unmasked and nobody was shocked to find out it was Dio Maddin and Dominik Dijakovic under the masks. We have a big WrestleMania WWE Championship rematch in just a few weeks but so far we have yet to see McIntyre interact with Lashley as he wasn’t on the show this week at all. 

It looks like we are getting a Riddle vs Randy Orton feud as Riddle annoyed Orton while he was being interviewed which Orton took as disrespect and after being granted a match against Riddle we saw Orton come up on the losing end when Riddle caught him in a crucifix pin by surprise and it’s safe to say this won’t sit well with Orton. 

It was nice to see the Viking Raiders pick up another win instead of getting booked 50-50 against Benjamin and Alexander. I would imagine this puts them in line for a tag title shot, that is if the champions ever decide to show up on Raw as they have been absent the last two weeks, hopefully, they are ok and this is not a Covid issue keeping them away. In other action involving tag teams, we saw Elias pick up a win against Kofi Kingston, but the bigger news coming out of this match was that Xavier Woods had left Francesca at home as he debuted his brand new bass that he has been learning to play over the past few months. 

The new United States Champion Sheamus issued an open challenge after Adam Pearce suggested it earlier in the night, but Sheamus isn’t putting his championship up for grabs. Humberto Carrillo comes out to accept the challenge, but Sheamus kicks his ass before a match could even start and tells him that is the closest he will ever come to holding the championship. It would be nice to see this story end with John Cena making a comeback to challenge Sheamus due to Sheamus turning the open challenge that Cena made famous into something it was never meant to be. 

We got a really nice video that they should’ve shown last week of Bad Bunny and Damian Priest in an interview with a reporter where the entire thing was in Spanish. In the interview, Bad Bunny says his time working in WWE was great and then he puts over Priest, then Priest puts over all the hard work Bad Bunny put in going into their WrestleMania match. We get Miz TV with Miz and Maryse (and no John Morrison) where they talk up all of their recent success and then display some PDA before Damian Priest comes out upset about how he lost last week. Priest insults Miz in Spanish and Maryse fires back at him in French before volunteering the Miz for a match against Priest later tonight and then Miz throws the champagne they were drinking into the face of Priest. Later on in the night Priest gains a clean victory over Miz despite Maryse trying to interfere. 

Remember the horrible angle that started last week between the Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler and the Sexy Muscle Friends, well it continued this week and it got even worse as during a Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs Lana & Naomi match we get Mandy and Dana coming out and showing footage from last week which causes Nia to storm off after them and leaves Shayna on her own to get beat by Lana & Naomi. After the match, we go backstage and Shayna is not happy as she tells Nia that she better get her head in the game or else. This feud is one of the worst things WWE has done in recent memory and that says a lot because WWE does a lot of bad and stupid things on a weekly basis, but this story may just be at the top as we have two teams feuding over someone accidentally slipping and then someone laughing at them rather than feuding for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships especially when one of the teams in the feud are the tag team champions. The only person who comes off looking like a babyface in all of this is Shayna as she just being drug into this and wants no part of any of it as she just wants to defend the titles in peace. I have just come to this conclusion about this feud… IT’S  ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT!!!! 

In more fun and interesting women’s wrestling news on Raw, we saw the continuation of the three-way feud between Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley, & Asuka as Charlotte came out and cut another killer promo until she is interrupted by both Asuka and Rhea Ripley. Rhea says Asuka is going to beat Charlotte tonight and then Asuka starts to speak but Charlotte keeps stopping her and then does the very racist thing where she talks very slow as if Asuka can’t understand her until Asuka eventually tells her she is going to beat her tonight Bitch. Later in the main event, Rhea costs Charlotte a win as she breaks up the Figure Eight which allows Asuka to pin Charlotte with a crucifix. After the match, Charlotte attacks the referee who missed Rhea interfering and then counted her shoulders to the mat and the show goes off the air with Charlotte irate as the other referees check on the one she beat down. The only way that referee beatdown would’ve been better is if it had been a long-time friend to the Flair family Charles Robinson. It was later revealed that in kayfabe Charlotte had been suspended and fined but in reality, she is taking time off to get some dental work done. 

Now we go to what I consider the main event of Raw which is the latest edition of Alexa’s Playground. Alexa tells us that Lilly didn’t just come into her life around WrestleMania she has been with her for her entire life (we see pictures throughout Alexa’s life with Lilly photoshopped into them). Alexa tells a story about how one time on the playground a mean little girl wouldn’t share her ice cream so she shoved that little bitch off the swing and broke her arm, when the teachers asked her why she did that she just told them that Lilly made her do it. Alexa says that Lilly will let you know when she doesn’t like something, so the little girls on the Raw roster should be aware that she didn’t like The Fiend and she doesn’t like any of them. I know that I’m buyest when it comes to Alexa but I feel like her Alexa Playground segments are one of the few highlights on Raw every week and one of the main reasons I still care about turning in each week as I look forward to seeing where the character goes next. With that being said I hope she doesn’t enter the Women’s Championship scene any time soon as it doesn’t need all the smoke and mirrors this character brings with it. 

Another episode of Raw is in the books and while there were a few highlights such as the Orton vs Riddle match and Alexa’s Playground the rest of the show was either completely forgettable or absolute garbage. 


NXT Results

  • LA Knight def Dexter Lumis – **¼ 
  • Grizzled Young Veterans def Breezango – **½
  • Saraay def Zoey Stark – ***
  • Kushida © def Oney Lorcan (NXT Cruiserweight Championship) – ***
  • Imperium (Barthel & Aichner) w/ Alexander Wolfe def Ever-Rise – *¾
  • Kyle O’Reilly def Cameron Grimes – ***½  

We get the new opening video and theme for NXT to open the show and while I understand NXT may have fans of the screamo genre of music I am not one of them so the new NXT theme does nothing for me which is a shame because the combo of a good opening video and theme song is a great way to get someone hyped for a show, but this Poppy song just doesn’t get me excited for the black and gold brand.

We get the return of Kyle O’Reilly to open the show and he is all happy after his victory over Adam Cole to the point where he was making bad jokes including an incredibly dated Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber “I Like It A Lot” joke. O’Reilly then talks about what is next for him and says he is going after Karrion Kross and the NXT Championship. Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring and he wants to invest in Kyle O’Reilly or as he had called him “Cool Kyle” and make all kinds of merch with O’Reilly’s name on it and at first O’Reilly it seems like O’Reilly is going to go along with Grimes but then he reveals that he is cleared to wrestle and his opponent for tonight is Grimes. This segment was touch and go at first as Kyle O’Reilly on the mic is something I am going to have to get used to especially when he is trying to be light-hearted, I thought the segment picked up once Grimes arrived as he is so good at playing his character and always entertains me with his schtick. There was a fun interview with Grimes later in the night where he had been bidding on NFTs but just when he thought he had won the bid he was outbid by that damn Ted Dibiase. O’Reilly and Grimes had a match in the main event and closed the show with a banger of a match. 

We see footage of NXT’s newest arrival Saraay arrive at the CWC as she is greeted by William Regal and then Zoey Stark walks up and volunteers to be Saraay’s first opponent tonight and after checking with Saraay the match is made official by Regal. Stark and Saraay had a really great back and forth match with Saraay coming out the victor in her debut match. After the match, Toni Storm attacks Zoey Stark on the ramp until Saraay leaves the ring to run her off. 

Beth Phoenix interviews Io Shirai in some conference room backstage at the CWC and after looking at some footage from when Io won the title and when she lost the title she is asked what is next for her and she says rest as defending the title for 300 days has taken its toll. Io says she will come back, overcome the challenge, and… at that time we see a dog run up on the conference table and up walks Franky Monet who introduces herself and congrats Io before insulting Beth by saying she had been watching her since she was a kid (Beth is only 3 years older than Franky). Franky talks about taking Io’s place while she rests up which doesn’t sit well with Io as she starts fussing Franky out in Japanese and when Franky tells her she doesn’t understand what she is saying, all Io says in English is that she likes cats. 

Kushida came out to celebrate winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship last week and then decided to issue his own open challenge which was answered by Oney Lorcan and after a very good match, Kushida would retain by making Lorcan tap to the Hoverboard Lock. After the match, Legado del Fantasma runs out to attack Kushida until MSK comes out to make the save. We also saw Imperium squash Ever-Rise and during the match, Killian Dain comes down to confront Alexander Wolfe after last week which also brings out Drake Maverick who wants to fight Wolfe but Dain holds him back and carries him to the back. Leon Ruff talks about beating down Isaiah Scott last week and now tells Swerve that the ball is in his court. 

We get an interview with the new NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai who gloat about beating Io and making it to where she needs a vacation and when it comes to Mercedes Martinez she can wish all she wants but you don’t get everything you want. Raquel tells them to line up the challengers and she will knock them down. Later we get Mercedes responding to this and she accuses Raquel of being Dakota’s lapdog, she will take out Dakota so she can get her title shot against Raquel. 

The rest of this show was filled with The Way stealing the show like they always do (from now on I will refer to segments featuring The Way as “As The Way Turns” which is a play on the soap opera “As the World Turns”) as first we get Indi popping up behind the barricade during the LA Knight vs Dexter Lumis match as she and Lumis lock eyes and a bit later in the match it looks like they are going to kiss but The Way comes out and takes her to the back. Later on, Indi tries to talk to interviewer McKenzie about what happened, but The Way comes in and cuts her off which brings in Bronson Reed who wanted to hear what Indi had to say. Austin Theory confronts Reed and says the only way he will get his hands on Gargano again is if he beats him in a match which Reed quickly accepts, Gargano questions Theory on wanting this match and then pokes him in the ribs to remind him of what happened last week. Reed walks off and Gargano takes the mic away from McKenzie so that Indi can’t say anything else. 

Later on in the night Candice and Indi go looking for Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart to challenge them to a rematch for the titles, but Indi sees Dexter lurking from the darkness and abandons Candice to go with him. Candice confronts Ember & Shotzi but they make her finally realize that Indi has abandoned her and then they grab Candice and pull her into a locker room where they beat the crap out of her. In our final “As The Way turns” segment we see Gargano still arguing with Theory for potentially getting him into another title defense against Bronson Reed when Candice walks up with her clothes all tattered and has an exhausted look on her face, but before she can explain what happened Indi walks up and says that she ran into Regal and he is granting them a shot at the women’s tag titles and this makes The Way very happy as they celebrate and walk off leaving poor Candice sitting by herself. 

I really like how they weaved The Way segments throughout the show and how it was all tied together by Indi’s crush on Lumis and trying to get to him and it also set up two potential title matches in the future. I could honestly watch an entire show dedicated to The Way as they never fail to entertain me and they actually got me to like and become interested in Austin Theory as before becoming a member of the family I found him to just be another generic cookie-cutter good looking guy but The Way stuff has shown that he does have a personality. 

This was another solid episode of NXT as I enjoyed the cruiserweight championship match between Kushida and Oney Lorcan and the debut match of Saraay against Zoey Stark. I also like how they are setting up a few different matches in the women’s division as you have Io vs Franky, Mercedes vs Dakota & Raquel, Toni vs Zoey, and The Way vs Ember and Shotzi that just shows how deep the women’s division is as never before have they been able to have four different women’s angles going at one time. I also really enjoyed the main event of O’Reilly vs Grimes, however, I would prefer badass Kyle rather than the “Cool Kyle” we got to start the show. 


NXT UK Results

  • Joe Coffey def Eddie Dennis – **½ 
  • Sam Gradwell def Dave Mastiff – **¼ 
  • Jinny w/ Joseph Conners def Dani Luna – *¾ 
  • Moustache Mountain def Noam Dar & Sha Samuels – ***

We open the show with a match between two of NXT UK’s hardest-hitting competitors as Joe Coffey takes on Eddie Dennis and this match was decent but I can’t give it too much credit as it involved Eddie Dennis who I’m not that big a fan of. Coffey gets Dennis in a Boston Crab and that is when Primate and T-Bone try to distract Coffey but they are soon taken care of by the other two members of Gallus. The finish comes when Coffey hits a springboard crossbody and then he hits Dennis with the Glasgow Send-Off followed by All the Best for the Bells to pick up the win. After the match, Gallus brawls with Eddie Dennis, Primate, and T-Bone until Gallus clears the ring and stands tall. 

We get a video package of Ilja Dragunov watching his match with Walter from back in October as well as other matches he has had since then when he would lose control and as he is watching all of this he is becoming more and more irate. 

Gallus is celebrating in the back when Joe Coffey runs into Rampage Brown and Coffey tells him anytime he wants a rematch just give him a call. 

The second match of the night was unannounced as Dave Mastiff takes on Sam Gradwell after last week when we saw Mastiff lock Gradwell out of the PC. Mastiff is in control early as he takes it to Gradwell with a rolling senton and a Finlay roll, but when he goes for a second senton Gradwell gets his knees up hurting the back of Mastiff. Mastiff continues to try beating down Gradwell but his back is giving him trouble and when he hesitates on the cannonball in the corner he is caught by Gradwell and hit with a Samoan driver to pick up the win. 

We get two video packages the first is of Aoife Valkyrie who is ready to step out of the shadows as she will be facing Meiko Satomura next week. The second video was on Emilia McKenzie as we see clips of her time in Progress and she talks about how NXT UK was the next step up for her. 

Our third match comes from the women’s division as Dani Luna takes on Jinny who has Joseph Conners in her corner. Jinny dominates most of the match as you would expect and when Dani finally does control she loses it quickly after being distracted by Conners at ringside. Jinny kicks the knee of Dani and then hits her with the Touch of Couture to pick up the win. After the match, Jinny continues her attack until Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews make the save. 

We go to an interview with Sid Scala who is asked about the Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams match from last week, but before he can answer Amir Jordan bursts through the door wanting a rematch with Williams, Scala says that Williams has agreed to have a No DQ match against Jordan, but only if it’s a loser leaves NXT UK match. Jordan thinks it over for a moment and then signs the contract. 

We get two more video packages of newer NXT UK Talent who will be facing each other next week. The first is Rohan Raja who says he will do his best and then we hear from his opponent Teoman who says he will die for his family. 

It’s now time for the main event where we see Noam Dar and Sha Samuels take on Moustache Mountain who are teaming up for the first time on NXT UK since July of 2019. This was a really good match with Trent Seven getting worked over for the majority of the match until he hits a DDT and a dragon suplex to finally make it over to make the hot tag to Bate. The finish comes when Seven takes Samuels out of the ring and then Bate dives on the other three participants in the match, and then Moustache Mountain hits the Birminghammer and foot stomp combo to pick up the win. I really enjoyed this match and thought all four men looked strong in the match. 

Overall this was an ok show and the main event was definitely the highlight of the episode. I look forward to the Meiko Satomura vs Aoife Valkyrie match next week as well as the big 6 man tag between Gallus and Eddie Dennis, Primate, & T-Bone.


SmackDown Results

  • Daniel Bryan & Cesaro def Jey Uso & Seth Rollins – ***½ 
  • Tamina w/ Natalya def Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler & Reginald – *¾
  • Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez def Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship) – **½ 
  • Dominik & Rey Mysterio def Alpha Academy – **½

Cesaro kicks off the show with a mic in hand, but before he can even get a word out of his mouth out comes Seth Rollins who congratulates Cesaro for being in the ring with him at WrestleMania but then starts complaining about not being respected and that things between him and Cesaro aren’t over because he said it wasn’t over. Jey Uso comes out looking for a fight with Cesaro as well and then he and Rollins circle the ring, but Daniel Bryan comes out to even the odds. Rollins and Uso back off and Bryan gets the mic and questions where they are going and then starts to really put Cesaro over as he talks about how hard Cesaro has worked to get where he is and how he deserves a shot at the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns comes out and talks trash about Bryan and Cesaro. This all would lead to a really great tag match where Bryan and Cesaro would beat Rollins and Uso after Rollins walks out on Uso mid-way through the match. After the tag match concludes Bryan gets back on the mic and tries to goad Reigns to come back out and accept Cesaro’s challenge for a Universal Championship match and when he doesn’t come out Cesaro puts Uso in the giant swing and this goes on for a while but Reigns never comes out and Bryan says that Reigns is scared if he faces Cesaro one-on-one he will lose the Universal Championship. 

In the main event segment, Reigns comes out to announce his decision and he gets face-to-face with Cesaro where he tells him the answer will always be no because Cesaro will never be on his level and has done nothing to deserve a title shot. Reigns says the Universal Champion makes the challenges and he is challenging Daniel Bryan as he is going to give him one more shot, but when Bryan loses this time he never wants to see him on SmackDown again. Bryan accepts the match and that is how SmackDown goes off the air. I am really liking this whole angle involving Reigns, Cesaro, Bryan, and Rollins as it is filled with twists and turns, and every time you think it’s going one way they switch it up but at the same time, it’s not a swerve for the sake of doing a swerve as everything makes sense. I thought the Bryan vs Reigns match was going to be at the next PPV, but it looks like we are getting it next week so that should be a lot of fun as it is rare these days to see Reigns wrestle on SmackDown and he always has really good matches against Bryan. 

Apollo Crews successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens when Commander Azeez caused a distraction that allowed Crew to roll KO up with a schoolboy. After the match, KO hits Crews with the Stunner but then gets hit with the Nigerian Nail by Azeez. Sami Zayn who was on commentary comes in the ring and dances over the fallen body of KO. The dance moves that Zayn was doing were absolutely hilarious. Later in the night Crews would be interviewed about his win and as he is gloating he is attacked out of nowhere by Big E until the referees break it up, Azeez runs out of the locker room to check on Crews after everything is over. It would later be announced that Crews would defend his Intercontinental Championship against Big E next week. 

We got the continuation of the Nia and Shayna vs Natalya and Tamina feud as this week Nia faced Tamina and as you would expect the match was not good and it ended in a distraction. At this point, I’m ready for Nia and Shayna to lose the titles and let Shayna be on her own as this tag title reign feels like it has lasted forever and none of it has been enjoyable. We also saw another match between The Mysterios and Alpha Academy with The Mysterios coming out the victors this week. We get some interaction between the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode and The Street Profits where the Street Profits want the next shot at the titles after they have just lost two title matches in a row, it should be someone else’s turn. 

Bayley talks some crap about Bianca Belair as she will be facing her at WrestleMania: Backlash and as she is talking her crap Montez Ford walks back up and has his phone in his hand and on the phone is Bianca and he tells her everything Bayley has been saying and she says she will be right there and Bayley says she will say everything she has to say to Bianca’s face. When we come back from a commercial break Bianca has arrived and is facing Bayley but Bayley won’t say what she was saying before and starts to compliment Bianca and then walks away for a moment before coming back and laughing hysterically at Bianca and then she walks off again leaving Bianca with a look of confusion. 

The final piece of news coming out of SmackDown was that for the first time in months we saw Aleister Black as he got a vignette where he reads from a book called “Tales from the Dark Father” and then he starts trashing the fans saying we should be scorched from the earth to make room for more fertile things. I have no clue where this is going but I’m just glad to see Aleister Black back on my TV, although I do wish they would just let him be this ruthless badass who destroys everyone instead of pigeon holding him into being this dark and mysterious figure, we already have The Fiend and Alexa Bliss on Raw doing stuff like that we don’t need one of those on each brand. 

This episode of SmackDown was pretty good as I enjoyed everything centered around the Universal Championship and the twists and turns they are taking with this story and I look forward to Reigns vs Bryan next week. I also enjoyed the KO vs Crews match and Zayn’s crazy dancing after the match.  

In Other News

On Thursday afternoon Mickie James sent out a tweet that showed her care package from WWE had arrived and in the picture, it showed a black trash bag with a sticky note that had Mickie’s name on it. Later on, in the evening both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon sent out tweets apologizing to Mickie for this completely disrespectful act and said that the person responsible had been taken care of. Upon further investigation by Sean Ross Sapp of, it appears that former head of Talent Relations Mark Carrano was the one responsible for this happening and as stated above “had been taken care of” now whether that means he has been fired or just demoted has yet to be seen but many sources are saying it’s probably the former rather than the latter. Once news of Carrano being the one to blame got out several former WWE talents gave their reactions on Twitter and needless to say this wasn’t the first time Carrano has done something like this and by these accounts, it’s clear that Carrano should have never been in the role as head of Talent Relations as he was not a good person. 

Mark Carrano was not the only person who works backstage that got released this week as it seems like WWE’s new President & Chief Revenue Officer is making major changes to the internal workings of WWE as he is looking to completely rehaul the company, for more information on all of this I highly suggest checking out this article. .

WWE is looking to go back to fully touring in the second half of the year as during Thursday’s Q1 conference call WWE’s Chief Financial Officer Kristina Salen was asked about plans to go back to full touring and the future of the Thunderdome and this was her response “We haven’t yet decided what our touring plans will be for this summer but we are very hopeful that we will return to touring in the second half of this year. Our hope is that we go to full touring, not that we retain a semi-permanent residency in one location and go half out. Our guidance assumes that we go full touring in the second half of this year, which is what we disclosed when we talked about our guidance back in February. We’re really looking forward to getting back out on the road again.” 

It was reported by Brandon Thurston (friend of the Place to Be Nation) at that WrestleMania 37 sold a total of 40,806 tickets for a total of $6.2 million for both nights. Thurston says that Night 1 had 18,328 fans and Night 2 had 18, 294 fans according to the date he received from the Tampa Sports Authority. Thurston also reported the average ticket price for both days was $190. I also suggest checking out Wrestlenomics for all of the news coming out of the WWE Q1 Financial Report which happened on Thursday afternoon. 

WWE started their partnership with the A&E network this past Sunday as they aired the first of eight biographies with the first one featuring the story of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Following the Steve Austin biography, we got the debut of WWE’s newest show Hidden Treasures where WWE superstars go on a search for some of the missing memorabilia of theirs that they had given away or donated in the past so that they can add to the WWE archives as Triple H says repeatedly throughout the show that all of the fans deserve to see all of this stuff, but yet WWE has not opened a museum or Hall of Fame for public viewing. In the debut of Hidden Treasures, we saw Mick Foley (along with aspiring WWE wrestler AJ Francis) track down fans who own some of his memorabilia such as the original socko, a ring-worn flannel shirt, and one of the original Mankind tops. While I didn’t watch the Steve Austin documentary I did enjoy Hidden Treasures and think I will be checking it out every week, and hopefully, if this show is successful it will push WWE to finally open a museum or Hall of Fame to the public. 

Sean Ross Sapp of did an interview with the recently released Chelsea Green who talks all about her time in WWE and I highly suggest checking it out.

Former Raw Women’s Champion and UFC champion Ronda Rousey announced on her Youtube that she and her husband Travis Browne are expecting their first child. It was highly rumored that trying to have a baby is one reason why Rousey left WWE after WrestleMania 35. Congratulations to the happy couple on the big news.

Coming up this Week


  • Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman vs Mace & T-Bar
  • The return of the All-Mighty WWE Champion Bobby Lashley


  • Dakota Kai vs Mercedes Martinez
  • Austin Theory vs Bronson Reed
  • MSK & Kushida vs Legado del Fantasma


  • Aoife Valkyrie vs Meiko Satomura
  • Teoman vs debuting Rohan Raja
  • Gallus vs Eddie Dennis, Primate, & T-Bone


  • Apollo Crews vs Big E (WWE Intercontinental Championship)
  • Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Universal Championship – If Bryan loses he has to leave SmackDown)

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