The Special Relations #18: Engaging, effusive and effervescent!

On episode 18 of the Special Relations join Calum McDougall, Rory McNamara and Ben Locke as they come of age for another show that ranges from the serious to the surreal!  

The episode begins with a discussion about the major news and sporting subject of the week here in the UK which was the formation of the European Super League and the subsequent withdrawal of 9 of the clubs involved. If you come to our pod for some light-hearted wrestling chat you may want to skip the first 40 minutes or so as we are very serious and angry!! 

We then make a start on our recurring feature about reminiscing about 1996 and we cover January right through to Wrestlemania 12, we also preview the next couple of parts where nothing important really happens. 

In the second part we carry on our look at some of the interviews that are available on the WWE network, this time we focus on Chris Jericho’s appearance Broken Skull Sessions whilst making you wait for Jimmy Hart/JBL. Our live watch takes us back to May 2001 for a match that thanks to one of the competitors in it no longer gets any publicity. We end with another award winning edition of Talk Your Way Out Of This One. 

Come for the concept but stay for the anger it’s the Special Relations!