Survey Says #19: Halloween Havoc 1995

It’s hard to believe we’re two years deep and have yet to survey one of WCW’s most celebrated events: Halloween Havoc! If you’ve been clamoring for the mid-fall classic, well… be careful what you wish for? We decided to tackle a show less celebrated than it is infamous. So infamous indeed that we needed a little help from our friends. For the first time ever, Survey Says welcomes TWO guests, and both are returning champions. Jennifer “Miss nWo” Smith (fresh off episode 16) and Steve “Wildcat” Wille (back from episode 4) join Andy and Tim atop Cobo Hall as we steer into the skid known as Halloween Havoc 1995! THRILL TO the following:
-The maximum number of times any four people can watch Halloween Havoc 1995
-Candy corn costumes
-A brief history of Ed Leslie, again
-The meaty thighs of Kurosawa
-The best fireball spot you’ll never see
-King Curtis: kid from Wife Swap or busted-ass Thanos?
-Making the case for the Dungeon of Doom as the next WWE Hall of Fame group induction lol
-Dissenting views on Lex Luger vs. Meng
-High drama in Sting and Flair vs. “Daddy” Arn and Brian Pillman
-Strong sumo psychology in the MACHINE VS. MACHINE monster truck challenge
-Exposing our complete ignorance and cultural elitism in speculations about the monster truck circuit
-Hulk Hogan, Murderer
-Bobby Heenan, show MVP and voice of reason
-THE YETTAYYY COMETH! At least until the Super Giant Niiiieeenja.
They said we couldn’t. They said we shouldn’t. But we did it, Survey Says style. Tune in and treat yo’self to our bag of tricks while your ice dildo is thawing.
Steve Wille can be heard twice monthly on PTBN Main Event, and when the spirit moves him on the Mission: IndiePossible podcast.
Jennifer Smith can be heard on approximately all Place to Be Nation POP podcasts in the month of October.
NEXT MONTH: We head back to New York?? But not in the way you might suspect!

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