Scott’s Raw Recap 11/4/13

Even though he was beat down by the Authority, Big Show got what he wanted: His job and a title shot at Survivor Series.  (Courtesy WWE)
Even though he was beat down by the Authority, Big Show got what he wanted: His job back and a title shot at Survivor Series. (Courtesy WWE)

Monday Night Raw
November 4, 2013
Greenville, South Carolina

We head right into the arena for the arrival of CM Punk to a raucous ovation. We go back to last week when Punk defeated Ryback, then was attacked by the Wyatt Family. We start Raw with a match for the first time in a while.

MATCH: CM Punk vs. Luke Harper
We also go back to last week when Daniel Bryan was attacked by the Wyatt Family. Who is the “the devil” that Bray Wyatt keeps referring to? Paul Heyman? Triple H? We shall soon see. Punk in full Bret Hart pink and black tonight. Cole hasn’t mentioned where they actually are tonight. I have looked it up and we are in Greenville. Two classic Ric Flair moments occurred here. The match with HHH in 2003 and when he returned to WCW in 1998. The match isn’t too bad as Harper works pretty well with the faster Punk. Rowan keeps skulking around ringside with the sheep mask on. They do blow a neck breaker when Harper drifts too far away and Punk barely grabs hair. Punk gets to the top rope and instead of hitting Harper, he hits Rowan on the outside. Punk wins with a roll-up out of nowhere. Not a bad match. WINNER: CM Punk

Rowan attacks Punk after the match and then Harper jumps in for a 2-on-1 attack. Down the ramp comes Daniel Bryan bandaged up wielding a chair. They chase the family off and the former rivals are standing tall in the ring and the place goes crazy.

We go to the interview where COO Triple H bans Big Show for life.

The WWE App has a poll as to who WWE Champion Randy Orton faces tonight: Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston or The Miz. We also have a big six-man tag match with World Champion John Cena.

Back from break and Renee is with CM Punk. He says he knows what it likes to be outnumbered. He also knows he’s not the only one who has an issue with the Wyatt Family.

Paul Heyman is on the phone, and he says he is in Europe getting treatment for the injuries he suffered at Hell in a Cell from CM Punk. He says Punk and the WWE Universe owes him an apology. Heyman is crying, and Cole asks him if he is. Heyman hangs up.

MATCH: Ryback vs. Great Khali
This match came from the WWE App where Ryback is back to bullying guys at the catering table again. Wonderful. Ryback wins with a clothesline in a pretty quick match. WINNER: Ryback

After the match Ryback was going to attack Santino Marella when Hornswoggle distracts him. He runs away and Ryback throws Santino into the barricade.

We go back to three weeks ago when Big Show attacked the Shield and helped the Rhodes Brothers win the tag titles.

MATCH: Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
Why is Kofi wearing a doo rag? He needs to turn heel. Del Rio is in the ring when we return from break. Breast Cancer Awareness month is technically over but everyone is still wearing pink tonight. Del Rio is particularly nasty tonight and is punishing Kofi for most of this encounter. Kofi makes a comeback and it turns into a pretty good back and forth match. Kofi has had a myriad of close two counts, but Del Rio eventually gets the arm bar on and Kofi taps out. WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

We get an opinion from Big Show’s attorney through video clips about the way he was mistreated in WWE. We then get the guys fumbling around with their iPads about the App. It’s like if the App fails they will fail worse than if they lose the Big Show lawsuit.

WWE Champion Randy Orton comes down to the ring for his match, as we find out the result of the WWE App poll as to which his opponent will be. Randy Orton has had more app opponents then anybody in this company. Before the choice is made, Orton rips the audience for really having no power and for all the women waking up to him. I like how he’s become some sort of gigolo who women want and who men want to be. I love it actually, it’s a great change of pace.

MATCH: Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston
Big E won handily, 75% of the vote. That means the fans like him. Don’t blow it WWE. Cole is acknowledging that Big E is a former NXT Champion. That’s good, as the announcers need to do that more. The match is a solid TV back and forth affair that ended with an RKO for the victory. WINNER: Randy Orton

We get a replay of Triple H saying Big Show is banned for life. We go to Smackdown three weeks ago when Big Show knocked out GM Brad Maddox. Then two weeks ago on Raw when he came in on an 18-wheeler. \

These 2K14 polls are silly. They did a poll of which WWE Title match would be the best to watch? Cena/Rock from 29 won over Bret/Shawn, Hogan/Warrior and HHH/Jericho. Notice all polls that have HHH in them, the HHH choice finishes dead last.

MIXED TAG MATCH: Fandango & Summer Rae vs. Natalya & Tyson Kidd
Wow the married couple is tagging together. They show Tyson Kidd and Natalya’s wedding on Total Divas. Jim Neidhart looked trashed. Kidd looks like he’s on steroids, much bigger than he was before. Kidd is back after a devastating knee injury. Kidd gets the submission on Fandango with the Sharpshooter. WINNER: The Kidds

Renee is backstage with Damien Sandow, and we look back at last week’s failed MITB cash-in. Sandow says the three count doesn’t bother him, nor does his pride being bruised bother him. He’s cut off by Zeb Colter and the Real Americans. He puts his team over in their six-man tag match next.

MATCH: John Cena & Rhodes Brothers vs. Damien Sandow & Real Americans
I wonder if we’ll get gold spinner belt. Cena cuts a promo about Susan G Komen Foundation and points out a myriad of breast cancer survivors. I like the hybrid theme song of the Rhodes Brothers. Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio are at the broadcast table. So there’s five guys at the announce table and they’re all stepping on each other. It’s really annoying. Oh by the way Triple H haters, this is Cena’s 14th World/WWE Title reign, one more than The Game. Del Rio is pissed that Cena came back from injury and got an immediate World Title shot. That’s actually a valid point and Cole really has no answer for it. Like Gorilla used to have no answers when Hogan acted like an asshole. The match is pretty standard tag fare. Cesaro spins Goldust. This match is pretty long. I will say that I’m glad that Cena is working with other guys on the card. This match has an 80’s six man tag feel. Goldust gets the pin on Cesaro. WINNERS: John Cena & Rhodes Brothers

Earlier in the match Cesaro accidentally run into Zeb Colter, and Colter’s head hit the barricade. He is out cold.

Michael Cole is kind of an asshole, calling JBL’s assertions about Big Show’s lawsuit “propaganda.” Big Show is in the building. Triple H is in his office and he finds out through Vickie Big Show is here. He’s pissed but Stephanie comes in and says he let Big Show in because the Board of Directors wants this lawsuit settled. Hunter is tired of this crap but Stephanie says this is all about business and nothing personal. The Board is tired of this and wants it settled without attorneys. Triple H has Vickie go get Big Show.

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel
Already without Paul Heyman Axel looks like a clueless mid-carder. The in-ring work has been pretty good tonight. Good back and forth match, and Ziggler wins with the Zig Zag. WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Daniel Bryan is walking backstage when Renee catches him. He says running into the mouth of madness while injured is usually silly, but he helped someone who also has an issue with the Wyatt Family. I think everyone’s going to like this Punk/Bryan alliance.

Back from break and Triple H says wants to just write a check and get this over with. Vickie says Big Show will meet with them in the ring. Triple H says Show wants witnesses. Like the camera in the office isn’t one?

MATCH: The Usos vs. Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater
Seems like a walk in the park for the Usos. And…it is. WINNERS: The Usos

Renee is with Los Matadores. We see a highlight package with them and #midgetmantaur. They just called #midgetmantaur “horny”. That was awesome.

MATCH: Bella Twins & Eva Marie vs. AJ Lee, Tamina & Oksana
Sorry AJ, I love watching your matches, but I’ll leave this one to my very good friend Ben Morse. Now where’s that fast forward button. WINNERS: Eva Marie & Bella Twins

ON YOUR KNEES DOG. Out comes COO Triple H with wife Stephanie. JBL says Boards of Directors have no right to make decisions. Huh? I’m a lowly grunt but isn’t that what Boards of Directors do? Out comes Big Show. Big Show wants a broom so Stephanie can fly back to Connecticut. Triple H says to Big Show “How many zeros will it take to bail out your dignity. Big Show doesn’t want money, he wants his job back. Triple H pisses and moans but Stephanie shuts him up. Stephanie gives him his job back. Big Show then wants a bonus. Triple H is livid but Big Show is just kidding. He wants to be the face of the WWE, he says he’s never been that in 18 years of wrestling. Stephanie gets pissed but suddenly the Shield come out. We’re back from break and Big Show wants a title shot with Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Triple H tells him in essence to pound sand. Big Show gives him one more chance to change his mind, and Triple H says no. So Big Show walks away and says in the morning he will own all of them. Triple H relents and Big Show wants to hear it a few times. Triple H repeats that Big Show has his job back and his title match November 24 in Boston. Triple H says now that Big Show is under his employ, he will be in a 4-on-1 handicap match.

HANDICAP MATCH: Randy Orton & The Shield vs. Big Show
Show throws some guys around until Reigns spears Show to the ground. The four beat Big Show down but he fights back and is alone with Orton, until Kane comes out dressed in a suit. That distracts Show and the other four get the advantage again. Orton RKO’s Show. Kane throws chairs into the ring and everyone starts beating Show down with them. The match ends with a DQ. WINNER: Big Show by disqualification

The Shield drag Show out of the ring, and Reigns hits Show with the steel steps. The Shield triple power bombs Show on the announce table. Kane looks so weird in a suit. I guess that’s how he’ll look in Congress. With that we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: Wrestling-wise this was a really good show. The matches were very entertaining. Big Show is back and a fresh matchup with Orton in Boston. I like the Punk/Bryan combo too. Curious to see where that goes.