Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Monday Night Raw 2/7/94

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Monday Night Raw #51

February 7, 1994 (Taped January 31, 1994)
Fernwood Resort
Bushkill, PA
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bastion Booger

1) Smoking Gunns defeat Barry Horowitz & Reno Riggins when Billy  pins Riggins with the Sidewinder at 3:37

Scott: So doing commentary with Vince this week is…Bastion Booger. Really? Dink wasn’t around? As we know Jerry Lawler is out of the mix battling some legal issues back home and honestly there isn’t any other guys to fit the bill. So the heel commentator by committee continues. Reno & Barry were a consistent tag team, although Horowitz isn’t wearing the same tights as Riggins like they used to. Booger’s talking about his nachos and other culinary sundries, as well as complete fart jokes. Perhaps this is the most entertaining of the bunch. Great line when Vince wished Happy Birthday to Classy Freddie Blassie, Booger goes “Thank you for the first 100 years.” Oh meanwhile the Smoking Gunns put these bums away. Grade: *

JT: One week removed from the huge coin toss that set the stage for WrestleMania X, we are back in the Fernwood Resort, via tape, for another big episode of Raw. This week, Vince McMahon’s heel commentator du jour is Bastion Booger, which should be rather interesting. Booger, in full tights, sets the tone by chowing down on nachos as Vince opens up the show and runs down the card. We open things up with the aimless Smoking Gunns, who have been around for almost a year and haven’t accomplished much of anything. I love how much effort Horowitz and Riggins put into their gear and ring robes. Top notch jobbers. Booger is much more coherent than I would have expected. Billy and Riggins (heh) kick things off and Reno actually lands a few kicks in before tagging out to Horowitz. They double team a bit but Billy fights through it and tags in Bart, who flies into both adversaries with a cross body block for two. Riggins and Horowitz bailed to the floor as Booger keeps cracking jokes, even getting Vince to laugh at a couple of them. Vince also notes that the Steiners lost a non-title match with The Quebecers over the weekend, so the division is seemingly wide open to any contenders. Gunns would tag in and out, working Riggins over until finishing him off with the Sidewinder for the win. Maybe they can finally get into the tag title picture with the Steiners apparently cooked. Grade: DUD

2) Owen Hart defeats John Paul with the Sharpshooter at 3:47

Scott: With the match officially signed for WrestleMania, Owen Hart is really kicking it into high gear. Before this we had interview segments from the weekend, really getting things going. While the crowd chants for Bret, Booger chants that he wants pizzas! He’s carrying the commentary here, and Vince is uncomfortable. Booger says he never trusts guys with two first names. BOOGERMANIA IS RUNNING WILD! He said that, which also may have made Vince uncomfortable. Hogan hasn’t made it to WCW at this point yet. Vince mentions Ted Turner and his wife, that wench Jane Fonda, and her workout videos. Owen is definitely wrestling differently and adding some heel tactics, including vicious uppercuts and pulling up Paul after a pinfall attempt. Great line by Vince, when Booger says he can’t smell any pizzas, and Vince says “I can smell something.” Grade: *

JT: Prior to the match, we recap some of the feud between the Hart Brothers, including an interview with Owen from All American, where Jim Ross grilled him on his Royal Rumble actions. Ross also had a chat with Bret, who still seems forlorn about this whole thing. Owen is really settling in as a heel, both in interviews and in the ring. You can tell he has been dying for the chance to break out and do more than he had been over the past two years. He was brandishing quite the sneer and wrestled angry as he went right to town on John Paul. Vince refreshes us on the setup for Mania, where Bret will have to go through Owen before getting his WWF Heavyweight Title match at the end of the night. Booger demands pizzas and then he and Vince discuss Jane Fonda’s workout tape as Owen maintains control, dominating the match. He would even pick Paul up from a sure three count before forcing him into submission with the Sharpshooter. Owen is locked in and looks fantastic as he is preparing for the biggest match of his life. Grade: DUD

*** We head to a snowy graveyard, where Paul Bearer discusses the rumors of Undertaker sightings around the world. He tells us all to have faith that one day he will indeed rise again. ***

3) Irwin R. Schyster defeats Marty Jannetty after Johnny Polo trips Jannetty at 11:00

Fun Fact: Last week on RAW, IRS was on commentary during the Jannetty/Polo match. Following Jannetty’s win, IRS was going on about how he had cheated to win. Kid, who was at ringside, started arguing with IRS, who then pushed Kid to the ground. Jannetty joined in the festivities, attacking IRS. When this happened, Kid stole IRS’s briefcase which contained Razor Ramon’s chains that had been taken from him. Later in the evening, IRS would challenge Jannetty to a match.

Scott: Booger is shoving pizza in his face during this match which is making things hilarious. This stemmed from last week’s actions involving IRS’s halliburton and Razor Ramon getting his chains back. IRS is settling into a good role as an experienced mid card guy who’s filling slots on shows and putting over guys. The Quebecers came down right before commercial and then after beating down Marty outside was tossed to the back. The tag division is loaded but at the same time a little unsettled as the Quebecers are #1 but who is the babyface #1 contenders? Gunns? MOM? We’re not sure. Jannetty takes control when Johnny Polo comes out with a billiards cue, followed by Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon. Jannetty tripped Polo on a flip which got IRS the surprise victory. Razor comes in to attack IRS but then the Quebecers return and they go after the IC Champion. Razor recovers and he and Marty beat down Jacques. This was a fun segment, but no Shawn Michaels? When does that feud really kick in? Grade: **

JT: As Booger sucks down a pizza, IRS marches down to the ring and rips on the fans. Vince also promotes the Fan Festival, coming WrestleMania weekend. Marty Jannetty jogs out next as we are set for our marquee match of the evening, which stems from Jannetty slapping IRS around a week ago, leading to Razor Ramon regaining his gold. IRS demanded this match and here we are. Marty keeps IRS off balance to start, peppering him with strikes until Irwin bailed to the floor. When the match reset, Jannetty was able to grab a side headlock and grind IRS to the mat. The Taxman fought to his feet and broke the hold but Jannetty maintained control. Booger kept telling random stories and jokes involving celebrities and food as Jannetty slung IRS to the floor. That backfired on the Rocker, as IRS was able to shove Jannetty hard into the ring post to swing momentum. Jannetty would come back into the ring with a sunset flip for two but IRS kicked him back to the mat. As we went to commercial, the Quebecers sauntered to the ring and laid some boots to Jannetty but were eventually sent back during the break. IRS would eat a boot coming off the second rope but he recovered and locked in an abdominal stretch. Speaking of eating, Booger is still hungry despite devouring a pizza. This commentary has been much less of a train wreck than I imagined. Jannetty eventually hit a jaw breaker and started to bring the heat, hitting a powerslam and kick to the chest but just as he was building momentum, Johnny Polo showed up at ringside with a pool cue. Razor Ramon emerged as well, right as Marty got a near fall off a face spike. As Jannetty grabbed a sleeper hold, the Quebecers came back out too. The champs cornered Ramon at ringside, which distracted the referee and allowed Polo to trip up Jannetty, giving IRS the chance to cover and win the bout. The Polo/Jannetty feud rages on! After the bout, things break down with Ramon and Jannetty fighting off IRS and the Quebecers. The match was perfectly fine and the brawl after was pretty fun. It is cool that they are keeping Jannetty elevated and all surprising that his issue with the Quebecers and Polo is still raging on. The Quebecers really do need a solid tag title feud to sink their teeth into. Honestly, a WrestleMania Tag Team Title rematch with Kid and Jannetty seems logical at this point. Grade: **

*** Vince McMahon announces that there will be no episode of Raw next week thanks to USA airing the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. ***

4) Thurman “Sparky” Plugg defeats Duane Gill with a knee drop off the top rope at 3:02

Fun Fact: Tonight we see the debut of Thurman “Sparky” Plugg on RAW. Sparky made his official debut in the Rumble. For more information about him, please refer back to our PTBN Vintage Vault article on the Royal Rumble 1994.

Scott: Booger is now shoving burgers and hot dogs down his throat while the race car driver extraordinaire makes his Raw debut against mullet master Duane Gill. Vince announces that Raw will be preempted by the Westminster Dog Show next week on Valentine’s Day. The match is boring, let’s move on. Grade: DUD

JT: As Booger chokes down some hot dogs, Sparky Plugg jogs out to make his Raw debut. We saw ol’ Thurman back in the Royal Rumble but now we settle in for his first Monday Night singles match. Booger chastises Vince for not helping him while choking but Vince just moves along and plus tonight’s episode of Silk Stalkings on USA. Vince then promotes upcoming NASCAR events as Sparky mows right through Gill and picks up the win with a knee drop off the top for a fine enough debut effort. Grade: DUD

*** Todd Pettengil is in the house with this week’s WrestleMania X Report. Madison Square Garden is sold out but tickets are available for a closed circuit viewing at the Paramount Theatre. Here are the matches discussed:

Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna – WWF Heavyweight Title
Bret Hart vs. Lex Luger OR Yokozuna – WWF Heavyweight Title

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart
Randy Savage vs. Crush – Falls Count Anywhere

More matches will be announced in the weeks to come, so stay tuned. And be sure to call your cable company today! ***

5) Crush defeats Todd Mata with a leg drop at 2:39

Scott: Right before this match, it’s announced that indeed (no shock) Crush will be facing Randy Savage at WrestleMania in a Falls Count Anywhere match. An unprecedented eighth WrestleMania match for the Macho Man. Wow it feels like an eternity ago when he and Ricky Steamboat made history at the Silverdome. Crush pummels this bum just as Booger burps right into the mike. Grade: DUD

JT: Hot off the news that he will finally get his one-on-one match with Randy Savage, Crush heads out to the ring for our final match of the night. He and Savage have been warring since October and we will finally get to see them throw down in a Falls Count Anywhere bout in MSG. Booger refuses to pay for his pizza as Crush just lays into Todd Mata, who Vince calls “Thornberg”. It is pretty funny that he continuously mixes up these jobber names. Crush takes him down with an awkward armbar and breaks out some of his soft looking martial arts offense from there. We get more pop culture references and WrestleMania discussion on commentary until Crush finishes Todd “Thornberg” Mata with a leg drop. Vince notes that the Quebecers will gave to face Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty in two weeks time, per Jack Tunney. Booger belches. Grade: DUD

*** Vince McMahon interviews the Quebecers and Johnny Polo, who are backstage and outraged about being forced into the Tag Title match with Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty. Back at ringside, Bastion Booger eats dessert as McMahon wraps up the show. McMahon then gives Booger Alpo and Milk Bones to munch on before we see Doink, Dink, Luke, Butch, Mabel and Mo promote the Dog Show by yelping and barking. ***

Final Analysis

Scott: It seems the taped shows always have more matches on them, almost like a jobber squash parade. The IRS/Jannetty match was really good, and it showed that when Marty Jannetty didn’t have his head up his ass, he was a solid worker who somewhat galvanized the mid-card during this period. Booger was an odd choice as commentator, but really he was there to make the show fun and absurd at the same time. He’s barely paying attention to the matches and was shoving food in his mouth constantly. As odd as Fernwood was as a place, the crowds weren’t bad there. This show was fun, but goofy and somewhat a throwaway at the same time. Final Grade: C+

JT: This was a fine enough episode of Raw, but as usual for these taped installments, nothing of note really happened. We had some showcase squashes and a solid match between Marty Jannetty and IRS but no major storylines were furthered. Bastion Booger was entertaining on commentary and helped keeps things moving along as well. Again, this was just an episode of Raw with nothing bad but nothing memorable. Just a time filler as we head into the dog show bye week. Hopefully when we return from that break the real drive toward WrestleMania will kick off. Final Grade: C