Ryan’s Main Event Review 4/1/14


WWE Main Event

April 1st, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Full disclosure I’m watching this show on train from Chicago to New Orleans (The City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson if you want to sing along) and I’m sorry if the review is lacking in any way, but it’s harder to type on a train. Post-production note, the trip, which was supposed to take 19 hours and get into New Orleans at 3PM ending up taking 26 hours and got into New Orleans at 10:45 at night.

*Sheamus vs. The Miz

The announcers talk about both of these guys being favorites in the Andre Battle Royal. I can see Sheamus, but I truly think the spirit of Andre would rise form the statue and destroy Miz if he won the Battle Royal. Feeling out process to start. Sheamus hits a backbreaker for two. Miz takes over and gets some kicks and punches in, but Sheamus slugs back and goes for a clothesline and then hit with a baseball slide as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back with Sheamus in control in the corner and he clotheslines Miz out of the ring. Sheamus tries slamming Miz into the post, but Miz pushes him into the post. Miz covers for two. Miz hits the corner clothesline and follows with a top rope double axe-handle. Miz chokes out Sheamus on the ropes. Miz locks in a headlock and then goes for a…something and gets hit with a running forearm out of the corner. Sheamus hits some more forearms and then a running senton. Miz blocks the clubbing forearms and goes up, but Sheamus hits the Irish Curse for two. Miz escapes the White Noise and hits a DDT for two. Miz works the knee and goes for a the figure four, but Sheamus kicks out and goes for the cloverleaf, but Miz kicks out of it and Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Miz ducks but gets caught with the clubbing forearms. Sheamus goes up top but Miz pushes him down and puts on the figure four but Sheamus gets to the ropes. Sheamus pushes Miz off and hits the Brogue Kick and gets the win. Pretty solid back and forth match, 1 for 1

*Raw Recap featuring the awesome Eminem song on the Cena-Wyatt feud. I’ll have my sheep mask on in the SuperDome.

*Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs. Tamina w/AJ Lee

Man I really don’t want to see AJ lose her Divas title in a clusterfuck ast he match will be on Sunday. Tamina starts in control, but Nikki hits a cross-body for two and them goes to a headscissors. Nikki hits a flying headscissors, sending Tamina to the floor, but Tamina hits a clothesline. Tamina rolls her in for a two count. Tamina covers for another close two. Why is AJ down at ringside and not doing commentary? As much as the Bellas have improved in the ring recently they really need to shut up when they’re not in the ring. In tag matches or when they’re down at ringside for other matches they’re just so damn loud. Nikki gets some offense and hits a DDT for two. Tamina takes control with some kicks and then kicks Brie for no real reason. Tamina goes up for the splash and hits it for the win. This was alright I’ll give it a very marginal point, but nothing to go out of your way to watch. It would’ve easily go the point if AJ was on commentary. AJ gives Tamina a big hug after the match. 2 for 2

*Raw Recap goes over the Brock/Undertaker feud. And they show the whole segment, then the whole Orton/Batista match with the Bryan run-in.

*Final Thoughts: Well I gave it 2 out of 2, but if you watched Raw you can’t stop watching about 20 minutes in. Really good Sheamus/Miz match, average Divas match and then a total recap of what happened on Raw.