Ryan’s Main Event Review 1/8/14


WWE Main Event
December January 8, 2014
Announcers: Tom Phillips & The Miz

*R-Truth & Xavier Woods w/Funkadactyls vs. Real Americans w/Zeb Coulter

When are the Real American track jackets going to be available on Shopzone? Swagger and R-Truth go at it, with neither man really gaining an advantage, although R-Truth dances a bit. Xavier Woods in and Swagger grabs the fro and drags Woods into his corner, tagging in Caesaro. Woods hits a cross-body for two. Truth works over Caesaro’s arm, tags back in Woods who comes in and continues working the arm. Caesaro hits a slam and tags in Swagger. Swagger now works Woods’s arm, but he tags out to Truth. Truth rolls up Swagger for two and then hits a flying headscissors, taking Swags to the outside. Caesaro distracts R-Truth, allowing Swagger to hit a chop block, as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back with Caesaro in control of Truth. Swagger and Caesaro work over Truth, with Caesaro hitting a leapfrog over Swagger for two, before going to a chinlock. Truth goes for a sunset flip, but Caesaro tags out to Swagger who comes in and stomps away on Truth. Swagger works in a rear headlock. Truth fights out and tags out to Woods who comes in a house afire Caesaro, hitting a flying forearm and a running knee. Woods hits a running somersault clothesline, but then FANDANGO comes out distracting Woods long enough for Caesaro to hit the HUGE European uppercut. Good match, although I would’ve preferred a clean win for the Real Americans, although I do like how they’ve cut down on the GIANT SWING, which is good it should be special.  1 for 1

*Triple H/Michael Cole interview about the big announcement happening Wednesday night. Spoiler, it’s the Network. Gotta say knowing what we now know about it, they hype a “ground-breaking” announcement throughout the show and they delivered.

*Alberto Del Rio vs. Justin Gabriel

Del Rio gets Gabriel in the corner to start, but Gabriel fights out and dropkicks Del Rio to the outside and follows with a twisting plancha to the outside. Gabriel tries to return from the top rope, but Del Rio hits an enziguri to bring him down. Del Rio hits a tilt-a-whirl slam and then locks in a headlock. Del Rio hits a flurry of kicks, including a spinning heel kick. Gabriel with a springboard cross-body for two. Del Rio gets Gabriel caught up in the corner and then hits a superkick on the kneeled Gabriel for the win. I like Del Rio using a superkick as a finisher, think it works better than the armbar. Nice little competitive squash, where Gabriel got his little offense, but the result was never in doubt. 2 for 2

*Raw Rebound: All the usual old guys where there and then JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS showed up looking his best since about 1991.

*Rhodes Brothers vs. 3MB w/Heath Slater

I assume this is non-title. Goldust starts with McIntyre and hits an atomic drop, before Mahal tags in and gets armdragged. Heath joins on commentary and lets us know he was working on venues to play at. Jinder works over Goldust in the corner. Jinder locks in a headlock. Jinder hits a fist and McIntyre hits it with a boot to the face. I can’t transcribe how awesome Heath is on commentary. 3MB is keeping Goldust in their corner and keep working him over. Cody has yet to be in the ring. Goldust hits a back elbow off the second rope. Heath mentions that Drew and Cody used to be tag champs, a thing I totally forgot ever happening. That means Cody has held tag gold with 4 partners, which is definitely up there. Goldust slams Mahal and tags out to Cody. Cody comes in and hits the Goldust sliding punch to Jinder. Cody hits the Alabama Slam on Jinder and then knocks Drew off the ropes. Cody hits the Disaster Kick on Jinder for the win. Fun little tag match, not as good as the opener though. 3 for 3

*AJ Lee w/Tamina vs. Kaitlyn

Well I think I know what happens here. I love how AJ does the Regal, brushing her boots off on the apron. AJ shakes Kaitlyn’s hand to start and Kaitlyn overpowers AJ to start. Miz mentions how AJ is coming up on Maryse’s Divas title reign and how he is soon marrying Maryse. Kaitlyn chases AJ around the ring, before Tamina stands in front of Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn whips AJ into the corner and drives some shoulders into AJ. Kaitlyn hits a short-arm clothesline for two. AJ hits a dropkick to the face for two. AJ locks in a rear chinlock. Kaitlyn fights out of it, but AJ hits an elbow for two. AJ goes back to a sleeper, but Kaitlyn runs her back into the corner. AJ hits a kick to the back and then hits a spinning kick, but then Kaitlyn hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and shoulderblock for two. AJ runs into a gutbuster for two. AJ runs at Kaitlyn, and AJ hooks in a rear naked choke. Kaitlyn takes her to the corner to break and AJ goes to the second rope, but gets caught, but then AJ rolls up Kaitlyn for the win. Well this is an easy point as it’s the best two divas in the WWE, until Kaitlyn left the company after this match. 4 for 4

After the match AJ hugs Kaitlyn, before Tamina kicks Kaitlyn in the face.

Final Thoughts: 4 really good matches, with Kaitlyn’s career ending with a  great match against AJ and the Real Americans continue to go up in the tag ranks.