PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2015, Stage One


August 28th, 2015

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your hosts are Excalibur and Chuck Taylor

Before you get to the recap, let me start off by saying I am a novice when it comes to PWG. Although familiar with the promotion, I only seen a handful of matches and just one other full show, which was 2015 Threemendous. I am not all that familiar with some of the wrestlers on this show and attempted to research and seek out matches with those talents. So, if there is anything I am missing or getting wrong, feel free to comment on our Facebook page.

BOLA First Round Match: Aero Star vs. Brian Cage

Cage was actually in the WWE Developmental system from 08-09 in FCW under the name “Kris Logan.” He is about three times as muscular now. A “get your shit in, Aero Star” chant busts out before the ring introductions. Match starts with Aero Star ducking a few moves and trying a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but he ends up getting tossed. Cage misses a charge in the corner and Aero Star comes back with a double springboard dropkick that didn’t look too good. Aero Star hits a backspring elbow smash then dropkicks Cage through the ropes before flying out with a springboard flipping senton. Crazy, especially since he springboards from the middle rope inside the ring. Back inside, Aero Star is met with a forearm smash as he tried a springboard. Cage then superplexes Aero Star from the apron and kills him in the corner with clotheslines. Cage hits a delayed vertical suplex that the crowd chants along to as he holds him up for exactly sixty seconds. That only gets two. Cage then hits a powerslam out of a gorilla press then things get a bit sloppy as Aero Star comes back with a springboard move that looked awkward before Cage catches him in midair and curls him ten times before tossing him over his head. Cage charges but Aero Star pulls down the ropes. They fight on the apron as Aero Star hits a backwards springboard splash that looks scary as fuck. Aero Star hits a springboard no hands splash for two but Cage comes back with a pumphandle facebuster for a nearfall. Cage gets cut off climbing up top but Aero Star slips trying a hurricarana then Cage hits a turnbuckle powerbomb. Aero Star counters a powerbomb with a sunset bomb in another botched spot then heads up for a splash but Cage catches him then hits the Steiner Screwdriver for the win (6:54) **1/4.

Thoughts: Match felt rushed and really sloppy at times. These two didn’t really seem to be on the same page here. I’ve seen much better from both guys in the past, especially Aero Star, so I suppose they are just not a good matchup. Cage will advance to the next night.

BOLA First Round Match: Biff Busick vs. Andrew Everett

Busick signed a WWE Developmental Deal, which was announced on last week, but was rumored at this point to have been signing. Everett appeared on the TNA Bound for Glory PPV as part of the Ultimate X match and just this past week his knee was acting up and fearful he reinjured his ACL. A “Biff’s gonna kill you” chant is aimed at Everett, who is much smaller than his opponent. He can’t weigh more than 150 lbs, despite being billed as 176 lbs. And he certainly is not 5’9 either. Busick taunts Everett before grabbing an armbar. Everett escapes then taunts the crowd after an Irish whip sequence before walking into a stiff chop. Busick pulls up on a few moves as Taylor jokes that Everett already used his thirteenth handspring of the match. Busick catches Everett with a half nelson suplex then follows him outside where he attempts to hit a powerbomb but Everett reverses that with a rana after a struggle. Everett then hits him with a springboard shooting star press that looked great. Back inside, Everett hits a springboard dropkick for just a one count then lands on the middle rope after a slingshot attempt, leading to a sequence that ends with Busick turning him inside-out with a clothesline. He then locks on an octopus hold before Everett hangs on for life trying to block a suplex. Everett dodges Busick and hits a dropkick but Busick hits a rolling single leg crab then switches to a STF. Everett reaches the ropes then Busick kills him with a chop. Busick sends Everett into the corner as the announcers laugh over the fact Everett landed vertically into the corner. Everett catches a charging Busick with a boot then hits a Pele kick as both men are down. Everett is up first and hits a few strikes. He then lands on his feet after a German suplex and takes Busick down with a reverse hurricarana in a cool spot. Everett gets cut off climbing up top and Busick hits a running uppercut. Everett shakes off Busick then tries an inverted Phoenix Splash that misses. Busick locks on a neck crack as Everett reaches the ropes but Busick will not releases the hold and drags him away. Everett gets out but caught with a back elbow smash which leads to him coming back with a swinging cradle suplex as both men are down. Everett gets up first and hits a Phoenix Splash from the top that came up a tad short for a nearfall. The crowd starts a “this is awesome” chant as both guys are down again. Everett starts swinging but it just ends up pissing Busick off. He catches Everett with a European uppercut as he tried a springboard from the apron. Busick tries a superplex but Everett catches him with a kick then tries a springboard shooting star press but Busick catches him with a European uppercut in midair then hits a half nelson suplex immediately followed with a running European uppercut for the win (14:24) ***3/4.

Thoughts: A damn good match. Everett, who doesnt look like much and whose cocky heel stuff comes across as more Michael Shane than Shawn Michaels, really impressed me in the ring. He can fly and does a great job at selling. Busick has a moveset that seems easily adaptable for the WWE and almost looks like a mini version of Cesaro. Although, he did not display any freakish strength here.

BOLA First Round: William Ospreay vs. Mark Andrews

Both of these guys are from the U.K. Andrews wrestled briefly for TNA this past year under the name “Mandrews.” He is only 23 years old while Ospreay is just 22. Andrews kisses Ospreay’s hand after they shake. They then start the match with a fast-paced Irish whip sequence that ends with Ospreay hitting a few armdrags. He works the arm for a bit then Andrews trips him up and hits a Manhattan drop. Andrews hits a flying headscissors and sets up for a dive but Ospreay trips him up then charges but Andrews jumps up from his knees and hits a dropkick. Damn. Andrews locks on a surfboard then plants Ospreay on his face. He plays up to the crowd for too long and gets rolled up, leading to another fast-paced sequence which leads to Ospreay cartwheeling out of a rana attempt before hitting an enziguiri. Ospreay follows with a standing shooting star press for two. That looked perfect. He stretches Andrews out in some hold I have never seen before and turns it into a crucifix for two. Ospreay stretches out Andrews again with some innovative holds. Andrews comes back then hits a tornado DDT after Ospreay caught him after a backflip in one hell of a spot. It was done as smooth as humanly possible. Andrews backflips in from the apron and hits a bulldog. He then hits a Northern lights suplex before getting two with a standing twisting moonsault. Ospreay ducks an enziguiri and tries a suplex but Andrews flips out in midair and hits a stunner. Wow. Andrews tries a sunset bomb that gets countered as Ospreay comes back with a high knee then a powerslam. Ospreay then hits a running corkscrew senton for two. He is really impressing me in this match. Andrews ducks outside and Ospreay hits him with a springboard twisting move and lands on his feet then poses to the crowd and starts giving out high-fives while they chant his name to the tune of the “ole, ole” chants. Back inside, Ospreay hits a spinning kick to the head of Andrews, who was face down on the mat. Ospreay is really fucking impressive and I cannot say that enough here. Andrews catches Ospreay with reverse rollup then heads up top, facing the crowd, as Ospreay tucks his head under the ropes and drills him with a super kick. Haven’t seen that spot before but I liked it a lot. Ospreay then climbs up top and tries a reverse rana but Andrews shakes him off then hits a reverse rana himself. Andrews then springboards in with a hurricarana for a nearfall as the crowd applauds. He heads up top but Ospreay rolls away from a shooting star press then lands a few kicks before hitting a front flip DDT. Ospreay heads up top after that then hits an inverted 450 splash for the win (10:52) ****1/4.

Thoughts: This was one hell of a match. Both guys went all out and the action was smooth and fast-paced. Both guys are small but Ospreay has more muscle definition and taller is really someone to keep an eye on in the future. He also had a match with Matt Sydal at Revolution Pro in the U.K. that was reported to have been great as well. Andrews more than held his own here and looked way more promising than he did in TNA. Seek this match out.

Inner City Machine Guns (Ricochet & Rich Swann) vs. Los Gueros Del Cielos (Jack Evans & Angelico)

The crowd loves the Guns, who chant Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” as the guys dance, which pisses of Evans until he dances himself. I assume the “All Night Long” stuff is a running gag. Match starts with Angelico and Ricochet engaging in a fast-paced reversal sequence that ends with Ricochet hitting a handspring into a headscissors then a dropkick. Ricochet dances as the crowd chants “you got served” then Evans tags in and yells about how he does not get served ever before proclaiming to be the “grand master of funk” as the crowd now chants for him to dance as they chant “All Night Long” while he breakdances. Swann then struts around as the crowd chants along for him then he busts out some moves as the crowd boos. Swann flips off Evans then hurts himself trying to spin on his head. That was a complete waste of time. Evans & Angelico work over the arm of Swann. Ricochet tags in and cleans house then knocks Evans down with an European uppercut after getting kicked a few times. Swann tags and hits a slam before hitting a flipping leg drop. The Guns hit Evans with consecutive splashes then Ricochet hooks him and hits his head ten times against the middle turnbuckle before Swann hits a dropkick. Evans tries to make the tag but gets caught with a spinebuster. Ricochet hits the People’s Moonsault then Swann just comes in without a tag and charge Evans, who hits a double boot then springboards in with a flipping neckbreaker before making the tag. Angelico cleans house then drops Swann on top of Ricochet with a Gory Bomb, after Evans delivered a standing moonsault on Ricochet. Evans stands on Swann and hits a moonsault but only gets two off of that. Swann comes back with a roundhouse kick to the head of Angelico then gets two with a neckbreaker. Ricochet hits Evans with an Ace Crusher then follows with a bridging back suplex for two. Evans blocks a kick and locks on an STF but Ricochet reaches the ropes. Evans yells at the ref then the Guns hit him with a bunch of moves in rapid succession, ending with Ricochet hitting a standing shooting star press for two. Angelico trips up Ricochet then hits Swann with a running knee strike as Los Gueros Del Cielos work stereo octopus holds. Ricochet and Angelico trade punches then more impactful strikes until they knock each other out. Evans takes Swann down but Ricochet hits him with a double knee smash as everyone is now down on the mat as the crowd claps. Evans and Swann go back to trading strikes as Swann gets pissed off after getting hit in the face then clobbers Evans in the corner. Ricochet hits a running dropkick to Evans then Angelico gets taken down with a double super kick. Evans is up top and Swann takes him down with an inverted rana as he lands on his partner in an awful spot. Swann then flies out with a senton on Evans as Ricochet hits Angelico with a springboard 450 splash for a nearfall. Ricochet heads up top but misses the 630 splash. However, he comes right back with an enziguiri and suplex on Evans before crawling over and tagging Swann, who gets dumped outside after Evans pulls down the ropes. Ricochet takes on both guys until Angelico kicks him down. Angelico assists Evans with a 450 splash then Swann comes in but gets caught with a kick. Swann slips out of a Splash Mountain then shoves Angelico into Evans, knocking him off of the top rope. That was mistimed. Swann drills Angelico with a super kick then hits a cutter for two. Angelico hits Swann with a powerbomb in the corner then flies over the turnbuckle to take out Ricochet with a flipping senton then Evans finishes off Swann with the 630 (25:48) ***.

Thoughts: Some of the comedy here worked but not all of it and the action itself was disappointing. Swann, who is now signed to a WWE Developmental deal, didnt look good in the ring here. He does have a lot of charisma though. Angelico did not stand out at all while his partner was really entertaining and played up to the crowd. Ricochet did not get a chance to bust out crazy moves but he looked good in what he did and entertained throughout. How the WWE passed on signing him is beyond me.

BOLA First Round: Trent? vs. Trevor Lee

Trent? is former WWE wrestler Trent Baretta. Lee, who was only 21 years old when this match took place, briefly held the TNA Tag Team Titles with Brian Myers (former WWE talent Curt Hawkins) and is currently on the Global Force Wrestling roster, as is Trent. Match starts with both guys jockeying for position. They end up in the corner where Lee knees Trent after a break. Trent comes back with a chop then they trade shoulder tackles. Trent then teases the crowd on the apron by motioning he will springboard in with a dive but instead comes in and uses a boot scrape and the crowd responds with a “holy shit” chant to mock him in return. That was funny. Lee then boots Trent to the floor and yells “get the fuck up” before rolling him back inside. Lee works a chinlock then whips Trent into the corner. Trent attempts a comeback but Lee stops that with a European uppercut and a dropkick for a nearfall. Lee chops Trent in the corner but gets caught with a boot. Trent climbs up top but Lee yanks him off as Trent’s head whacks the turnbuckle before he splats to the mat. Ouch. Trent lands on his feet after a German suplex then comes back with a tornado DDT as both men are down. Trent strikes first then hits an enziguiri. He then hits a corner elbow smash before hitting a release German suplex. Trent then hits a stomp off of the top rope for two. Lee comes back with a stomp off his own to Trent that gets two. Lee charges but Trent gets both feet up as they are now on the apron. Trent picks him up for a fireman’s carry but Lee elbows out then hits Trent with a release German suplex onto the apron. Trent is taking some crazy bumps tonight. Trent barely beats the ten count then gets hit with another German suplex for a nearfall. Lee hits a few kicks to the chest. They engage in a mini reverse rollup sequence before Trent blocks a German suplex attempt and ends up on Lee’s shoulders as he hits a reverse hurricarana for a nearfall. They crowd starts a dueling chant as both men are up top. Trent gets elbowed off but runs right back up and hits a release German suplex. Trent then hits a crossbody but Lee reverses that and gets two as both men are down. They get up and slug it out for a bit until Trent hits an enziguiri. Lee comes back with a roundhouse kick but Trent hits a flying knee before almost putting him away with the Crunchy (Axe Guillotine Driver). Trent then drags Lee in the middle but gets caught in a small package for two. Lee gets caught trying to slingshot back into the ring but escapes then hits a small package driver for the win (14:22) ***.

Thoughts: Good match. Trent has turned into a pretty good wrestler since leaving the WWE and is still young, at just 28 years of age. Lee also looks solid in the ring but beyond that didnt impress me with his look or charisma. And I havent seen a lot of him as a whole and he is still very young and seemingly on the right track.

BOLA First Round: Drago vs. Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon Jr. is currently a star in both the AAA and Lucha Underground promotion. Drago is also in both of those promotions and used to be part of the Barrio Boys stable in AAA back in the early/mid 2000s as Alan. He is also the oldest competitor in the tournament at 40 years of age. The match starts with Drago taking Pentagon down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors before the bell then flies out with a somersault plancha. Fans start a “lucha” chant as Drago kicks Pentagon as the action returns to the ring. Pentagon dodges a charge and comes back with a dropkick as the fans chant “cero miedo,” which is Spanish for “zero fear.” Its also written on the back of his shirt. Pentagon tells the crowd to be quiet as he chops Drago against the rope. Drago comes back with a leg sweep after an Irish whip sequence then tries a handspring but Pentagon dropkicks him mid-move as the crowd starts up more chants in Spanish, which are of a respectful nature. Drago takes Pentagon outside with an armdrag then tries a baseball slide but Pentagon blocks that then spins him around and hits him with an apron DDT onto a chair in a really cool spot. They head back inside as Drago tries another dive to the outside but Pentagon runs in and drills him with a super kick. Drago is now on the floor but is able to cut off Pentagon then actually hits him with a tornillo on the outside. That was not a direct hit. Pentagon grabs a pitcher of beer from a fan and chugs it and spits it out as the crowd goes nuts. In the ring, Drago gets a rollup for two. Pentagon rolls through a rana and gets two but Drago kicks him down. Pentagon uses a float over in the corner and from that hits Drago with a lungblower for two. Drago comes back with a corkscrew headbutt from the top then hits a Roll of the Dice before getting two with a La Magistral. Drago tries a rana but Pentagon counters that with a Powerbomb onto his knee as both men are down. Drago is on the apron and boots Pentagon before heading up top and hitting a front flip piledriver for two, which the announcers call the “Tijuana Destroyer.” They now slug it out until Pentagon uses an overhand chop to send him down. Pentagon gets two with a pumphandle driver as both men are slow to get up. They are now battling up top as Drago takes him down with a rana for a nearfall, prompting a “this is awesome” chant from the crowd. Drago goes back up top but takes too long and misses a splash then Pentagon puts him away with a package piledriver (11:27) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Fun match. Pentagon is great at playing to the crowd and a joy to watch. Drago did fine here too.

BOLA First Round: “Reborn” Matt Sydal vs. Fenix

For those unaware, Sydal was the former Evan Bourne in WWE. Fenix is part of Lucha Underground and AAA and is one of the more spectacular high-flyers in the world. Match starts with both guys trading standing holds and stuff on the mat. Sydal yells at the ref for counting slow after a sunset flip. They now trade working the arm until Sydal takes Fenix down with a headscissors. Sydal comes back with a spin kick that drills Fenix in the face before sending him through the ropes with a dropkick. Sydal tries a drive but Fenix rolls in and takes him down with a cutter. Fenix dropkicks Sydal through the ropes and sets up for a dive but Sydal runs in and takes him down with a chop block then works the leg. Sydal is working aggressively here and I am digging the “Reborn” gimmick so far, which is a lot more refreshing than generic smiling babyface. He charges at Fenix in the corner but eats boot then Fenix hits a double springboard missile dropkick that had an insane amount of hangtime for two. Fenix then gives Sydal the double bird and they go back-and-forth until Sydal lands on the apron and Fenix comes off of the top wit a double stomp following a spin kick. Both men are down then Fenix starts laying into Sydal with chops. They head back inside where Fenix hits Sydal with a cutter after a handspring then from that locks on a Dragon Sleeper. Fenix then stretches out Sydal, who reaches the ropes. Fenix gets two with a standing moonsault then tries a back suplex but Sydal reverses it and lands on top for two. Sydal then catches Fenix with a split for two. Fenix escapes a cradle but Sydal takes him down and hits a standing moonsault for two. Fenix boots Sydal then comes off of the top but gets nailed with a leg lariat in midair as that gets two. Fenix rolls outside but catches Sydal with an uppercut as he tried a tope then flies off of the top with a tornillo to the outside. That was crazy. They are in the ring trading strikes until Fenix, in midair, counters a backdrop and hits a rana for two. Holy shit that looked great. Fenix then catches Sydal off of the top rope but Sydal is able to turn that into a tornado DDT for two as the crowd starts up a well-deserved “this is awesome” chant. Sydal takes Fenix off of the top with a rana for two. Sydal goes up top again but Fenix jumps up and hits a kick then jumps up on the ropes, keeps his balance, and hits a one man Spanish Fly for two as the crowd goes nuts. Fenix then tries an inverted suplex but Sydal floats over and hits a reverse rana then heads up top and gets the win with a shooting star press, which landed as perfectly as it did while he was in the WWE (18:44) ****1/4.

Thoughts: Excellent match. These guys busted their ass and showed excellent chemistry together. Sydal is one of the better wrestlers in the world and Fenix is a joy to watch. Another match to seek out.

Mt. Rushmore 2.0 (Young Bucks & Roderick Strong) vs. Eurotrash (Zack Sabre Jr. & Tommy End & Marty Scurll)

Before the match, Strong shoves Sabre, who gets all fired up. Strong then grabs the mic from ring announcer during the introductions and yells at her for incorrectly introducing them, noting how the Bucks are the PWG tag champs and that he is the PWG World Champion. He then tosses the mic at her. Sabre hands it to her after that as the announcers make reference to Austin Aries harassing Christy Hemme after she messed up his name while in TNA. That instance was a legitimate harassment by Aries. Strong tags out after teasing going in against Sabre as Matt is now in the ring. End tags in too as Matt beats on him. Matt hits a few quick pin attempts before getting drilled with a kick to the chest. Matt retreats and tags in his brother Nick as Scurll also tags into the match. Scurll works the arm then knocks Nick down, who yells out a screeching “suck it” taunt as Scurll then uses a rollup before applying a rolling Romero Special as Matt tries to find an opening so he can deliver a super kick. Nick uses an eye poke then tags Strong, who gets hit by Scrull then Sabre tags in and immediately works the arm. They go back-and-forth as Strong hits multiple snapmares as Sabre tries to work the arm. Scurll tags and suplexes Strong on the top rope before taking him to the floor with a charging European uppercut. Scurll then flies out with a tope underneath the middle rope. Sabre then takes Strong out with a diving uppercut and End takes out the Bucks with a moonsault to the outside. In the ring, Eurotrash takes turns charging at Strong before they lock up the Young Bucks then flip them over as Scurll & Sabre apply camel clutches. Strong rolls outside and Sabre follows but gets kicked by Nick from the apron as Matt boots off Scurll & End. In the ring, the Bucks work over Sabre, who fights right back. End tags and nearly kills Nick with a roundhouse kick. Scurll is in and fights off Mt. Rushmore from the apron until Strong drops him straight to the floor with a back suplex. My Christ that is a scary move. The Bucks then tease diving out at him but instead take out End & Sabre. They hit stereo apron powerbombs as Strong is back in chopping Scurll, who starts hulking up. Strong stops that with a poke to the eye then tags Matt, who hits some mounted punches. The Bucks tease Scurll to make the tag for a bit then Scurll blocks a super kick and teases one of his own then goes low to take out Nick. Scurll then hits a clothesline as both men are down. They start brawling on the mat then Matt comes in as Scurll lifts him up until Nick makes the save with a super kick. Bucks hit a double chokeslam then End breaks up the pin attempt as the fans chant “indy taker” I believe. It sounded more like that than an actual Undertaker chant though. Strong is in and takes Scurll down with a knee strike. Scurll yanks Strong’s arm and comes back with a boot to the face and tries a top rope move but gets caught then they mess up a spot as Scurll hits an inverted suplex after falling down on a floatover. Scurll finally tags out as Sabre makes Nick scream by working the arm. He puts him in the Indian Death Lock then Matt runs in as Sabre takes him over with a Northern Lights suplex. Sabre kills the Bucks with running European Uppercuts then puts Strong in an Octopus hold. The Bucks break that up with stereo super kicks then Strong holds Sabre up in a wheelbarrow as Nick springboards in with a facecrusher. Matt & Strong hold up Sabre as Nick comes off of the top with a swanton for a nearfall. Matt tries a running powerbomb into the corner as Nick waits for a kick but Sabre reverses it into a rana and Nick boots his brother in the face. The match breaks down a bit then End tags in and murders the Bucks with knee strikes. Strong catches End with a flying knee but Scurll hits a super kick. The Bucks try to work over Sabre as Nick comes off the top with a 450 but Sabre counters that with an armbar in a great spot. Matt climbs up top as Nick escapes and hits Sabre with a 450 but End deadlifts Matt for a German suplex for two as the crowd applauds. Matt keeps taunting End with “suck it” chants then eats a knee smash as both men are down. Sabre and Strong tag as they trade strikes until Sabre catches a chop then stomps his wrist. Strong hits a discus elbow but Sabre locks on a hanging Kimura. Strong gets sandwiched by kicks in the corner then hit with a spike Michinoku Driver before End comes off of the top with a double stomp. Sabre puts on a cross armbreaker until the Bucks make the save. Sabre charges but Strong uses the ref as a shield then Mt. Rushmore takes out Eurotrash with chairshots. The Bucks hit the powerbomb/enziguiri combo in the corner then Matt drapes Sabre over the ropes while Strong assists Nick with a 450 splash as that gets two after End makes the save. A “this is awesome” chant breaks out then they hit End & Scrull with a double Meltzer Driver as the crowd chants for Meltzer, who was in attendance for this show and for the following show as well. Mt. Rushmore waits for Sabre to get up, who uses palm strikes but gets hit with two super kicks and a knee to the face before Strong gets the pin with the End of Heartache (25:40) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Really good match that was all action. Never a dull moment here. The Young Bucks did not have a superkick party or do much goofy stuff at all but rather played annoying, chickenshit heels and did a great job at that. All six guys here impressed me, specifically Scurll and Sabre. The Eurotrash team will all be part of the first round BOLA matches at Night two.

Final Thoughts: The first night was an excellent show. And even in the conditions, which was in a building without air conditioning with temperatures over 100 degrees, the wrestlers still went all out and put on a great show. As far as the fans, I thought they added to the show and did not make it all about themselves. They were respectful, which is impressive considering you can get a pitcher of beer for just $12 at the venue. The announcing was fine and I liked how they called all the moves and the jokes on commentary amused me. When you factor in the wrestling style and atmosphere, a lively but tiny legion hall, you have yourself a fine alternative to the WWE. I highly encourage you seek out this show and will go as far as to guarantee that you will enjoy yourself and not be disappointed. Below, I have provided the official trailer, which I encourage you at least view that. And below the trailer are links to the PWG site and, where you can purchase the show on DVD for $14.99.

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