Pro Wrestling Love #32: The Best of Glam Metal, Part 2

Heavy Metal Takeover is here to stay as Good ‘Ol Will from Texas and Catch Ryan Fever hijack the show to spread the Heavy Metal Love counting down their Top 25 Glam/Hair/Sleaze Metal songs of all time! Will cuts the Mutha of all Promos on Marty for leaving the Sleeze Beez off his list, it had Marty & Ryan rolling as he just eviscerates poor Marty! This definitely one to check out! Fret not, Marty & Will’s relationship is still intact as Marty helped Will fall in love with Steelheart and their majestic, explosive power ballad, I’ll Never Let You Go! Marty brings up a great point that almost all Dokken songs are Don Dokken bitching and moaning about women and blows Will’s mind. Ryan brings another story to the table about a milkshake and some girls from high school. Will has an existential crisis as he finds out one of his favorite songs of all time does have a music video and it is spectacularily shitty.   All this and much, much more! Click the link, download and enjoy!