GWCW Special: WCW Top 10 Matches, Part 2

Greg Diener and Robert Silva return to present the second of a three part series going over their top ten’s from last year’s PTBN Greatest WCW Match project. In this episode they go over the I Quit Cage Match between Tully and Magnum at Starrcade ’85, Flair v. Vader from Starrcade ’93, The War Games ’92 Match and Flair/Sting from Clash I. 

Among some of the stuff discussed how great Tony Schiavone was, the amazing voice of Dr. Tom Miller, Bill Watts’ reign in WCW and why Sting should give some of his money to Ric Flair for making his career. 

One more part to go where we will discuss three more matches from our lists (we’ll give you a hint they involve a guy named either Ric or Ricky or Both).