Parv and the Doctor #6: The Daleks Part Six

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“The Daleks”, 1963

Part 6: The Ordeal

Oddly in recent episodes the standard of acting from the likes of Ian, Barbara and Susan has gone up dramatically. Or it could be that I’ve acclimatised to them.

The Thal minion who went by the water is getting nailed by something. He has been sucked into the whirlpool. Great idea it was to attack via the lake. I did say. The Thal who was worrying earlier is distraught.

Gadamus with Wimp Thral.
Gadamus with Wimp Thral.

The decoy party consisting of The Doctor, the key female Thal, Susan and Alydon are looking at a map on a rock and plotting. The Doctor wants to use the element of surprise. Alydon looks concerned.

We cut to the daleks who are repairing heir neutron bomb. It will take 23 days. The leader dalek says that’s too long and abandons the plan. “We. Must. Find. An-oth-er way to make rad-i-ation”.

Barbara and the Thal she was talking to the other night about the lake are holding hands. Reckon these two might get off with each other. I hope they don’t. They are in a cave and Barbara can hear water. The Lake Thal finds a passageway. This must lead to the dalek city. The Thal does some really shit flirting with Barbara now. Although Ian gets dissed a bit which I enjoyed. “Do you always do what Ian says?” asks the Thral playfully. “No I don’t” says Barbara firmly. Like everyone else, of course, she hates Ian and thinks he’s a dick. She didn’t actually say that but I could tell that’s what she was thinking.

There’s a 30-foot drop and Lake Thral’s going to go down via rope. Barbara slips and drops the rope. He falls. Ha ha ha. He seems hurt.

“Ganatus ! Ganatus!”

Oh so that’s Lake Thral’s name. Ian has turned up. It’s okay Ganatus is not hurt. Really really annoying exchange between him and Ian shouting up and down this drop now.

Nice visuals of the dalek city.
Nice visuals of the dalek city.

Back to the daleks. They are aware of the attack, or what they think is the attack. Of course, this is only the decoy from the front. And what’s causing this attack? A few Thrals with massive mirrors reflecting sun-rays at the city. It seems to be having an effect on the central antenna. This shot of the city is quite nice with the mist surrounding it. It’s clearly a miniature set, but it’s a good one. Looks believable.

The Doctor’s plan is working. He says they “musn’t diddle about here”. He breaks the 4th wall again and talks directly to the camera, “Yes, we’ll show them a thing or two”.

Back with the lake party, the worrying Wimp Thal wants to go back but Ganatus says they must go on. This guy is a proper coward. They actually have a little fight now. Wimp Thal just curls up. Apparently a rock hit him. This guy is a total pussy.

Back at the daleks’ gaffe and they are still worrying about the sun-rays. They are planning a surprise attack. I’ve noticed this is a favourite move of theirs “lull them into a false sense of security”.

The Doctor, Susan and Alydon are back at the pacman door. The Doctor has noticed the source of the static electricity, which leads up the antenna. They notice a fuse box (or something) and the Doctor smashes it in the a spanner and laughs. They need to figure out a way to cut the wire.

He sends Alydon to tell the Thal minions to vary their attack and move their positions a bit lest the daleks laser them. He goes and The Doctor tuts to Susan “my my my, that young man gets so agitated”

The Doctor wants to short circuit the wires “to another conductor”. He is mischievously delighted about this and makes a little joke with Susan. “That’ll teach the daleks to meddle in our affairs eh, he he”. He smashes in a bulb and a fan for good measure. They’ve shorted that one too.

But oh no! A load of daleks are behind them. They are surrounded.

Ian and the goon squad are still deep in the caves. “No place for a quiet stroll is it?” Oh shut up Ian, everyone hates you. There doesn’t seem to be much way through here. Ganatus notices a “cleft” on the rockface. They devise a plan to get there.

The Doctor is pleased with himself after short-circuiting the dalek's supply of static electricity.
The Doctor is pleased with himself after short-circuiting the dalek’s supply of static electricity.

They are going to have to jump, make a leap of faith of some sort. Wimp Thral is going to be thrilled about this. They take an absolute age to rope up and do this jump. Maybe 2-3 minutes of screen time just gearing up to cross. The pace hasn’t been that slow so far, but this is a bit much.

Ganatus and Ian are like best buddies now. At least someone Ian gets on with. Just as I say that, Ian looks curiously pissed off and fed up about something. What’s he annoyed about now? Such a total knob.

The Doctor and Susan are talking with the daleks who tell them “the only interest we have in the Thrals is there total extermination!” Nice neighbours.

The Doctor wants to reason with them but they explain that without radiation the Dalek race is ended. “We need it as you and the Thrals need air”.

Barbara makes the jump and lands in Ian’s arms. Threesome later? He helps her across the ledge but, as per usual, is a bit annoying and terse about it. I think Ian’s meant to be an heroic everyone we’re meant to identify with and root for but I think he’s just a dick and I hate him.

Wimp Thral’s turn to make the jump now. He’s looking moody. “Can’t do it”. Come on you wet lettuce get a hold of yourself! You milky so-and-so. He takes forever to tie the rope round his waist and make the jump. Come onnnnn make the jump you ponce! Come onnnn!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


He falls all the way down the chasm. He’s dangling on the end of the rope which is tied to Ian.

“Help meeee. Help meeeeee. I can’t hold on.”

Wimp Thral, that crying moaning bitch, screams out for his life
Wimp Thral, that crying moaning bitch, screams out for his life.

If ever a character deserved to die it’s this guy. Go on drag Ian in with you too. Ian is clawing to the side of the cliff and is getting pulled down too.

Literally a cliff hanger!