Off the Top Rope Episode 39: Armagedon 2004


After a week’s absence, we are back! The first 15 seconds of the show has some technical issues, but it’s clear sailing after that. We talk Survivor Series, 2 weeks of Raw, 2 weeks of TNA, possibilities coming out of the “Undisputed” TLC match at TLC and we question, short of a screwjob, if doing it in a TLC match was the right decision. We also talk Daniel Bryan, where they might go with him, the rise of Roman, and more.

After a break, it’s Santa, Jesus (but not that Jesus), awesome mash-up themes… it’s Armageddon 2004, the final event in our month of bad wrestling. Dixie Dog Fights, Charlie Haas getting mic time (hell, Charlie Haas in general), Cruiserweight matches where they never leave their feet, Luther Reigns, and more.

We name our MVP and LVP, and then announce what we’re watching next week, our reward for the month of bad wrestling, SuperBrawl II.