Off The Top Rope Episode 26: Clash of the Champions XVIII



In this episode, it’s the first show post-SummerSlam, so we deal with that fallout, and discuss Kane’s future as a singles worker, knee jerking on the Wyatt Family, the best Brock Lesnar matches, and the finish, where we disagree on it’s future, and Mike’s concern that Daniel Bryan will be Summer of Punk’d.

We talk about Raw, about WWE’s surprising restraint and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS now being a babyface chant, and the direction of the Shield.

It’s then on to Hardcore Justice, where we talk about TNA’s failed plans, MMA crossover, and why stables can be great, but sometimes you just want to see a ladder match.

After our break, we talk Clash of the Champions XVIII. This has proto-ECW style brawling, awesome hoss fights, and great tag team action, but it also suffers from WCW’s ineptitude.

We name our MVP and LVP, and then talk about what show we’re reviewing next week, King of the Ring 1996.