Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport 2018

Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport

1) Dominic Garrini vs KTB (Kyle The Beast)- They trade strikes and Garrini goes for a takedown but KTB gets his back. Garrini goes for a rear naked choke. Garrini gets a leg and rolls into a cross armbreaker attempt. KTB kicks him in the face and suplexes him. KTB throws some elbows but Garrini gets out and hits knees. KTB grabs a kneebar. Garrini gets out and slaps away at KTB who gets up and throws knees to the head and punches him down. KTB swoops in on him but Garrini grabs him in a triangle choke and wins by submission.

2) Tracy Williams vs Eddie Kingston (with Matt Riddle)-They circle each other and trade kicks. Williams throws a kick and Kingston takes him down where they struggle for position. They go back to their feet and both attempt high-kicks. They lock up and Kingston goes for a kimura but Williams takes him down and slaps his head. They exchange strikes and clinch and Kingston falls back with a choke on Williams who gets out. Williams stands up and kicks Kingston on the ground then goes for the arm and briefly gets a cross armbreaker. Kingston maneuvers out but Williams grabs a kneebar and Kingston strikes out. Williams flies at him with a scissors and grabs a kneebar. Williams works into an Indian deathlock but Kingston elbows out and hits a sleeper suplex. Williams goes for a German suplex but Kingston fights him off with slaps. Williams hits a high angle slam then drops knees and elbows. Williams grabs a cross armbreaker but Kingston lifts Williams and slams him. Williams charges and takes a knee to the face. Kingston throws a spinning backfist and knocks out Williams for the referee stoppage.

3) Martin Stone vs Masada– Masada shoots and Stone gets his back and goes for a mount but Masada manages a cross armbreaker attempt. Stone rolls out and grabs an ankle. Masada grabs a leg while Stone has his back. Stone goes for a choke but Masada gets on top in a half-mount and they trade slaps. Masada goes for the arm but Stone takes him down and elbows him in the back. They get up but Masada takes him down by the ankle. Stone works into a side-mount, goes for the arm and knees him in the side. They stand and trade slaps. Stone throws forearms and grabs Masada in a back suplex. Stone goes for another suplex but Masada takes him down for the leg. Masada throws some punches, grabs a triangle and throws elbows to the head for the referee stoppage.

4) Tom Lawlor vs Walter– Lawlor goes for takedowns but Walter swats him away. Lawlor goes for another takedown but Walter controls him and goes for a gutwrench. Lawlor gets up and throws a kick but Walter chops him to the mat. Walter goes to the ground but Lawlor gets his back and goes for a rear naked choke. Walter throws him off and goes for the arm. Walter stands up and kicks him in the ribs then goes after the arm. Walter gets up on top and removes the wrap on Lawlor’s recently broken arm and slams the arm to the mat. Walter bodyslams Lawlor and grabs a kimura. Walter elbows Lawlor in the back and grabs a leglock and crossface. Walter stands up and stomps him on the back. They stand and Lawlor throws strikes but Walter chops him to the mat. Walter takes some shots and knocks Lawlor down. Lawlor gets up and throws leg-kicks but Walter suplexes him. My feed froze at this point but I understand that Walter used a choke for the submission win.

5) Chris Dickinson vs Dan Severn– Dickinson takes his shirt off and throws it at Severn before the match. They circle each other and Dickinson throws a kick. They tie up and Severn takes him down and grabs a headlock. Dickinson gets on top in a mount and throws a slap. Severn clinches him in and rolls on top into a guard. Severn goes for the ankle but Dickinson gets on top and throws elbows. Dickinson grabs a guillotine but Severn punches him in the kidneys and gets on top. Dickinson goes after the knee but Severn gets his back and attempts a choke. The referee stands them up and Dickinson takes Severn down with a kick and throws some strikes on the ground. Severn gets on top and throws knees and elbows. They stand and Dickinson hits several kicks but Severn catches a high-kick and takes him down for a choke. Dickinson knees Severn in the head and they stand with Severn throwing Dickinson to the mat. Dickinson gets up and grabs Severn in a takedown. Dickinson is in a half-guard and throws elbows. Severn rolls and gets on top and throws forearms. Severn stands and grabs Dickinson in a rear naked choke. Dickinson gets out and goes for a guillotine but Severn gets on top and knees him in the side. Dickinson rolls to the top and throws elbows until the referee stands him up. Severn gives Dickinson a German suplex and grabs him in a rear naked choke for the submission. They put over on commentary the controversy of the referee pulling Dickinson off of Severn given the ruleset. Dickinson attacks Severn after the match and they brawl at ringside with Matt Riddle and Jaka separating them.

6) Nick Gage vs Timothy Thatcher– They circle each other and lock up. Thatcher gets his back and applies a chinlock. Thatcher goes for a gutwrench but Gage fights out and gets Thatcher’s back. Thatcher battles out and they stand up. They clinch and Gage fights out with an elbow and a jab. Thatcher grabs Gage’s ankle and Gage tries to kick his way out but Thatcher works into a cross armbreaker attempt. Gage bights Thatcher’s arm and then starts throwing punches to the head on the mat. They stand up and Gage attempts to suplex Thatcher to the floor but Thatcher takes him down and goes for a kimura. Thatcher then throws Gage outside to the floor. Thatcher goes to the floor and Gage elbows him to the head and throws him into the guardrail. Gage throws Thatcher into the ringside table and then throws the table on top of him. Gage then does a flying lariat from the ring. Thatcher runs Gage into the ringpost then hits him with uppercuts and forearms. Thatcher attempts a suplex on the floor but Gage reverses and suplexes Thatcher. They return to the ring and trade forearms and punches. Thatcher hits an enzuiguri but Gage forearms him to the mat and then throws punches on the ground for the knockout stoppage.

7) Matt Riddle vs Minoru Suzuki- They trade kicks and strikes and Riddle goes for a takedown. Riddle gets on top and goes for a cross armbreaker. Suzuki fights him off and is on top but Riddle throws an elbow. Riddle maneuvers into a kneebar and Suzuki grabs one of his own. They stand and trade numerous strikes and Riddle takes him down, gets a half-guard and works the arm. Suzuki takes Riddle’s back and goes for a choke and they roll close to the edge of the ring. Riddle rolls to the floor and Riddle throws slaps to his face. They trade strikes and Suzuki goes for a cross armbreaker with Riddle on the floor. Riddle gets back in the ring in side-mount and throws strikes. They roll to the floor with Riddle going after the arm and then jumping on his back with a rear naked choke. Riddle throws elbows but Suzuki takes him down on the floor with an armbar. Suzuki stomps on Riddle on the floor and then gets up and throws a chair before returning to the ring. Riddle comes back in and they trade slaps to the face and chops. Suzuki knees him in the gut and goes after a rear naked choke. Riddle gets his back and hits a German suplex. Riddle does a senton on Suzuki’s back, hits him with elbows and goes for a choke. Suzuki fights him off but Riddle goes for a cross armbreaker. Suzuki gets his back in a rear naked choke. Riddle stands up and slams him back to the mat but Suzuki holds onto the choke. Riddle hangs on briefly but the referee calls it off for the Suzuki win. Riddle takes the mic after the match, thanks the fans and says this won’t be the last Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport show.

This was a great show and a great way to start the weekend. I barely even noticed the ropes being gone most of the night except when they played it up. The fact that they didn’t do that much meant it had more impact when they did. I thought every match was good and Riddle vs Suzuki and Lawlor vs Walter were very good to great.

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