Lucha Undead: Sheet Sandwich Edition with Hugh Little

Lucha Undead Main

It’s a huge episode this week, but we don’t forget the little details in an interview with Hugh Little (@HughLittleSheet) from Sheet Sandwich/Talking Sheet ( – you can also catch Hugh in a guest role on PTBN’s Clotheslines & Headlines from over the summer). This is just fun chat as Hugh & Tim are already the best of brothers and just chop it on WC style like only they can. They invite ADLT into the circle who quickly feel the love as well. It’s not just a brodeo though as Tim does ask some questions that get to issues within the website and the recent long break. They also talk on the philosophy of Sheet Sandwich and it’s history both in up front and behind the scenes coverage. Hugh is a positive energy that is just infectious as he leads the episode into a mini episode of Top Beer halfway through – you might even call it a Top Beer Shot. Hugh also has a big answer for the ominous final question. So if you’ve ever wanted to hear the answers to some Qs from the man behind Hugh’s Qs well this is the episode for you. Make sure to go check on everything on by Hugh @ Sheet Sandwich  and go nominate for the 2016 Sheetys.

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