This Week in 90’s Wrestling: January 11th – 17th



New Japan held a show in Yokohama, highlighted by Vader taking on Tatsumi Fujinami in a *** match.


WWF Monday Night RAW, which was taped on January 10 in Richmond, VA, cut away multiple times to provide updates on a Madison Square Garden show that was happening live at the same time, specifically a rematch from last week’s show with the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty defending the WWF World Tag Team Titles against the Quebecers. The ***1/2 match did not air on television, but a trusty fan snuck a camcorder into MSG that night and was able to record the match and circulate it in wrestling’s tape trading underground. The Quebecers won the tag titles, restoring the championship stakes in the upcoming Royal Rumble match with Bret and Owen Hart. Also on RAW, Mr. Fuji brought a casket to ringside and gave Yokozuna orders to squash it, but the Undertaker jumped out when he was about to do the deed. Yoko did an amazing job conveying his fear and even tripped over himself getting out of the ring. The show did a record-breaking 3.6 rating, and you can watch it on the WWE Network.


Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue defeated Steve Williams and Johnny Ace to win the AJPW double tag team titles on a show in Matsumoto.


ARSION held a show in Kawasaki which was highlighted by a **** match between Mariko Yoshida, a longtime upper midcard wrestler who completely reinvented herself as the queen of matwork around this time, and Mika Akino, who looked tremendous considering that she was a rookie.

WCW Souled Out aired live on pay-per-view from Charleston, WV, in front of 10,833 fans. The main event saw Goldberg defeat Scott Hall in a ladder match. Goldberg needed a convincing win if he was going to get back on track at this point and while he won the match, the show ended with Hall attacking both Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow. Also on the card, Ric Flair teamed with his son David in his pro debut against Barry Windham and Curt Hennig. As for David Flair’s ring skills, it is probably safe to say that Charlotte inherited all of her father’s talent. The NWO attacked Ric after the match with Hulk Hogan whipping Dave with stiff belt shots to the point that Scott Norton legitimately had to diffuse the situation, which as you can imagine made Ric quite angry. The show did around 287,000 buys, and you can watch it on the WWE Network.

In The “To Watch” Queue:

El Dandy, El Brazo & Ultimo Dragon vs Negro Casas, El Satanico & Mano Negra (CMLL 01/17/93)

Negro Casas, El Dandy & Silver King vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Emilio Charles Jr. & Miguel Perez Jr. (CMLL 01/17/97)

Meiko Satomura vs Reiko Amano (GAEA 01/17/99)

Mitsuharu Misawa, Yoshinari Ogawa & Takao Omori vs Toshiaki Kawada, Akira Taue & Jun Izumida (AJPW 01/17/99)