PTBN Play: #GameStruck4 – SEGA Dreamcast

Brad and Jordan share the history of the short-lived and beloved SEGA Dreamcast, plus their top 4 defining games on the system. Play in new window | Download

PTBN Play: #GameStruck4 – SEGA Genesis

Brad and Jordan share their SEGA Genesis memories and detail their four defining games for the console. Play in new window | Download

We Miss the 90s: Wrestling Video Games, Part One

In this regular column, JT Rozzero and Jen Engle usually exchange emails reminiscing about the greatest decade in history: the 1990s. JT & Jen have been friends since 1997 and have been trading emails…

Backloggery Beatdown: Valkyria Chronicles

My wife is trying to tell me something but I shush her because she is interrupting a midgame cutscene that it is reminiscent of Aerith’s death in FFVII (though she…

Upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Cartoon ‘Sonic Boom’ Gets a Knucklehead

There’s certainly been a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog news floating around the interwebs in the last two days. First there was the official reveal Tuesday that Sonic would make…