Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #13

On the first year anniversary of Wrestling’s Chicken Salad Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd are joined by Matt Souza and Tim Capel for a special live watch of Great American Bash 1999. On this show we discuss Ben’s technical issues in watching the show (British Internet!), a better than expected hardcore match, regular v premium Cock, our favourite Van Hammer matches, delving into the contracts of WCW wrestlers in 99, Buff Bagwell’s film career, ‘Mister’ P, old man Shawn complaining about late 90s rap, a match even Tim cant defend, jigglefest 99, random Piper impressions, Shawn making a shit take and very quickly being proven wrong (I know I’m as shocked as you), Doug Dillinger slo-mo running, a solid gold banger of a tag title match, reminiscing about early 90s tag teams, hormonal Logan seducing Madusa, Team Madness partying by the harbour and Nick Patrick’s hair. Come for the concept but stay for some birthday cake, it Wrestling’s Chicken Salad.