Where the Big Boys Play: The Complete Archive



Where the Big Boys Play is an old-school wrestling podcast focusing mainly on reviewing supercard shows put on by the NWA / Jim Crockett Promotions / WCW hosted by Chad and Parv, starting with The Final Conflict in 1983.  Occasionally,  we will engage into roundtable debates on certain topics and look at TV matches that were held in NWA/WCW.

Here at the Place to Be Nation we’ll be highlighting some of the signature Where the Big Boys Play episodes as well as posting all new content from Chad and Parv.  You can find their complete archive here.


Author: Where the Big Boys Play Podcast

Where the Big Boys Play Podcast was created in 2012 and co-hosted by Parv and Chad Campbell. The podcast centers around revisiting NWA/WCW Supercards.