Where the Big Boys Play #60: Clash of the Champions XIV – Dixie Dynamite


Chad and Parv are back to review Clash of the Champions 14: Dixie Dynamite

[00:04:18] Wrestling Observer roundup: Dusty’s back as a booker; The Juicer is gone; Joe Pedicino is making power moves; thoughts on Sting’s reign; and the strange and memorable February 4th 1991 newsletter.

[00:49:53] Clash of the Champions 14 review: Michael Wallstreet out, Terry Taylor in; the return of Ranger Ross!; The Renegade Warriors; Arn Anderson’s face; Ric Flair’s hair; gender politics with Paul E. Dangerously and Missy Hyatt; and question for the listeners: favourite or underrated during-the-match heel or face turns. –

[02:09:16] End of show awards

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