Where the Big Boys Play #56: Clash of the Champions 13


Chad and Parv sit through Clash of the Champions 13.

[06:17] Wrestling Observer and Torch roundup: Cornette and Lane quit, why wrestling fans everywhere should hate Fred Ward, Art Barr, and Meltzer’s crusade against the use of magic in wrestling.

[00:53:33] Review of Clash 13, featuring: El Gigante! Nightstalker! Moto City Madman! The Renegade Warriors! Kalua! The Botswana Beast! Col. Krueger and Col. DeKlerk! Prime Time Brian Lee! The Starblazer! And, yes, The Black Scorpion!

[02:17:07] End of show awards and question for the listeners: can you think of a worse booked supercard than this?

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