Where the Big Boys Play #50: 1990 Fantasy Draft


To celebrate their 50th show, Chad and Parv welcome Chad’s “other” co-host, Brad, and Titans of Wrestling regular Kelly for an experimental format: the 1990 Fantasy Draft! Click through to find the rules as well as the draft results and fantasy booking sheets.  Don’t forget to vote in the polls to tell us who did the best job!

1990 Fantasy Draft – Complete Rules

1990 Fantasy Draft – Full Results

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Chad, Parv, Brad and Kelly continue the “celebration”, by evaluating their now fully-drafted rosters and turning them into some booking plans.

1990 Fantasy Draft – Kelly’s Booking Plans

1990 Fantasy Draft – Brad’s Booking Plans

1990 Fantasy Draft – Chad’s Booking Plans

1990 Fantasy Draft – Parv’s Booking Plans

Who had the best booking plans?

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