Where the Big Boys Play #45: 80s End of Decade Awards


Chad and Parv briefly discuss Jackie Fargo, Matt Borne and 80s AWA before launching into their end-of-decade awards marathon for Jim Crockett Promotions / NWA. Here are a list of the categories:

The Loss award for “Best ring apparel”
Best personal hygiene
Best woman
Best ref
Best Manager
Best Announcer (play-by-play)
Best Announcer (colour)
Best Gimmick
Worst Gimmick
The Total Billy Graham Award for worst wrestler (plus next bottom 4 wrestlers)
Most Improved Wrestler
Best Feud
Best Show
Worst Show
Best Tag Team
Best Face
Best Heel
Top 20 matches
Top 10 wrestlers (plus the Ric Flair Award for Best Wrestler)