Where the Big Boys Play #45: 80s End of Decade Awards


Chad and Parv briefly discuss Jackie Fargo, Matt Borne and 80s AWA before launching into their end-of-decade awards marathon for Jim Crockett Promotions / NWA. Here are a list of the categories:

The Loss award for “Best ring apparel”
Best personal hygiene
Best woman
Best ref
Best Manager
Best Announcer (play-by-play)
Best Announcer (colour)
Best Gimmick
Worst Gimmick
The Total Billy Graham Award for worst wrestler (plus next bottom 4 wrestlers)
Most Improved Wrestler
Best Feud
Best Show
Worst Show
Best Tag Team
Best Face
Best Heel
Top 20 matches
Top 10 wrestlers (plus the Ric Flair Award for Best Wrestler)


Author: Where the Big Boys Play Podcast

Where the Big Boys Play Podcast was created in 2012 and co-hosted by Parv and Chad Campbell. The podcast centers around revisiting NWA/WCW Supercards.